Dr Anthony Mann

Working with schools and colleges: easier than ever –
and more important!
Dr Anthony Mann
Director of Policy and Research
Education and Employers Taskforce
[email protected]
Research insights
Teenagers struggle to understand the modern labour market:
Mann, A. et al. 2013. Nothing in Common: the career aspirations of young Britons mapped against projected labour
market demand (2010-2020). London: Education and Employers Taskforce / UK Commission for Employment and
Sixteen year olds who don’t understand the labour market face
employment penalties later on:
Yates, S. et a. 2011. “Early Occupational Aspirations and Fractured Transitions: A Study of Entry into ‘NEET’ Status in
the UK” Journal of Social Policy 40: 513–534; Sabates R. et al (2011) “Ambition Gone Awry: The Long Term
Socioeconomic Consequences of Misaligned and Uncertain Ambitions in Adolescence” Social Science Quarterly 92:
Early exposure of workplace helps employment outcomes:
Crawford, C. et al. (2011) Young people’s education and labour market choices aged 16/17 to 18/19. London:
Department for Education
OECD (2010) Learning for Jobs. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Higher volume school-mediated employer engagement makes
a difference to young people and their future employers…
Mann & Percy (2013) Journal of Education and Work;
Employer Engagement in Education: Theory and Evidence
(forthcoming) eds. Archer, L., Stanley, J. & Mann, A.
London: Routledge.
• NEET rates reduced by up to 20%, wage premiums up to
• But only 15% of young adults leave school with 3+
Social capital improves labour market skills matching
For employers, working with schools and
colleges needs to be easy, quick and free…
Since Inspiring the Future launched, July 2012: 99% of country covered; 7,000 volunteers from over 2,000
different organisations and dozens more everyday; half of England’s secondary schools have already signed up
(primary coming soon).
Massive demand from schools for Healthcare professionals working across NHS.
Inspiring the Future: quick easy asks to make
a difference..
Career talks (apprenticeships,
enterprise, languages; everyday
maths); CV help; interview
practice; governors.
Coming soon
Reading partners; number
partners; job shadowing.
How demanding different activities are? HR
perspectives (CIPD 2012)
Join the 200 NHS staff already involved, sign
up individually or as an organisation…
Anywhere in the country to connect with local schools and colleges for free
Volunteer where you live or work
One hour a year makes all the difference
Dedicated URL links available for NHS Trusts and other bodies
• Regular information on volunteering
• Integrate and brand ITF within existing and new volunteering schemes
Get in touch or visit: www.inspiringthefuture.org
[email protected] [email protected]
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