Julie Tolley, Capita`s Consulting Business

May 2013
Andy Shenstone / Julie Tolley
Education Market Director, Capita plc & Director Education, Consulting
Capita’s consulting business
Where does Capita touch UK HE?
Market dynamics
Market Dynamics
UK HE is a strong sector facing multiple challenges:
• Expansion of access
• Market contestability
• Reduced applications
• Student choice and scrutiny of VFM
Our response
• Developed (and testing with our expert network) an
holistic offering aligned with key institutional
outcomes (e.g. employment prospects for graduates)
as well as efficiency and effectiveness
• Building partnerships with credible HEIs with strong
brands that can co-deliver solutions
• To actively seek out sector leaders with the appetite to
come to market and support their ambition.
• Less public funding - with further significant
reductions to come?
• Increased international competition.
‘First movers’ for shared services are coming to market
but need help to shape their thinking, requirements and
contractual models.
Rationale for partnering – an ‘Inflexion Point’?
Economic rationales
 Cost reduction (cost reduction / outcome, less FTE costs)
 Reduce leverage (reduce debt on balance sheet, private finding of public
 Increased revenue
 Capacity management (scale and share across multiple customers)
Delivery rationales
 Simplicity
 Risk transfer
 Increased service outcome – competitive advantage
 Lack of skills / resources
The offering
 Choice of services and delivery options
 Standard support service offerings such as HR, Finance and FM
 Services unique to the HE sector including registry, student services and
careers advice
 Clients will be able to buy complete services or individual service elements
 Onshore, near shore or offshore
 Choose any combination of service offerings - £ will be more attractive, where a
broader range of services are purchased
 In addition other potential commitments will also be made available:
 Student attraction / retention / employability
 Graduate jobs
 Student satisfaction and associated league table positioning
Front office
Library services
Foreign student
Academic registry
Marketing & UK recruitment
Academic development and review
Centre for excellence in learning and teaching
Back office
Health and Safety
Human Resources
Planning Office
Secretary's Office
 International offices
 Student services
 Information technology
Business development
Entrepreneurial development
Research funding
Improved retention
Specific requirements of universities
Commercial in Confidence
New contracts in 2013
University of Strathclyde - Strategic Technology Partnership
 Will include a ‘Wider Contribution Fund’, through which Capita and our partners
(IBM, Dell, Apple) will fund research, teaching and knowledge exchange
 Research studentship (PhD, fees + stipend) and student placements
 Cash bursaries for eligible socially disadvantaged students
 Funding for equipment to set up computer clubs in local schools
Cabinet Office – ‘Best Management Practice Portfolio’
 JVCO with Cabinet Office
 Commercialising IP (Prince 2, MSP, ITIL)
 IP advisory service to SMEs and new services
 Multiple universities aligned to enable domestic and overseas provision