embc Weekly Brief for Schools 9th March 2015

Weekly Brief for Schools
9th March 2015
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Quote of the Week
Website of the Week
Communication and Events
Service & Technical
Meeting Dates
Meeting Dates
Communication and Events
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Quote of the Week
If you want truly to understand
something, try to change it.
Kurt Lewin, 1890-1957, GermanAmerican Psychologist
Don’t forget to register for the eSecurity & eSafety
Conference – Be Secure, Be Safe at the Marriott Hotel,
Fosse Park on Tuesday 28th April 9-12:30pm – for more
information go to http://www.empsn.info/what-wedo/events/ and watch out for your invitation. The meeting is
aimed at technical and teaching staff with a remit for
safeguarding and /or security.
Book your places by emailing [email protected]
Service & Technical
Website of the Week
OPENHIVE Webshield Service Issues
The Sutton Trust
The Sutton Trust was founded in 1997
by Sir Peter Lampl to improve social
mobility through education. As well as
being a think-tank, the Sutton Trust is a
‘do-tank,’ having funded over 200
programmes, commissioned over 140
research studies and influenced
Government education policy by pushing
social mobility to the top of the political
The site has an extensive archive of their
research activities and topical items,
such as Conor Ryan’s blog published on
the 5th March when he “considers new
OPENHIVE customers saw an amount of disruption to
service last week as a result of Capita suffering denial of
service attacks. Throughout the issues updates were
posted to the status portal https://support.inthehive.net/servicestatus/ for those able to
access via smart phones or other.
Upon identifying the cause of the issues remedial works
were carried out after the Monday occurrence, but this did
not completely stop the reoccurrence. IDP services are in
use and Capita have worked with vendors to identify and
control the attacks.
OPENHIVE Webshield Service Improvements
efforts to improve support for highly able
pupils in state schools”
Contact Us
Capita have been responding to customer concerns around
the performance and throughput of services. A number of
trains of activity are in process to assess and identify areas
for performance improvement, some will continue for a
number of weeks. We will update you further as this
In the coming weeks Capita will be increasing the number of
policy servers within the Webfiltering solution for the
purpose of capacity and resilience. In addition to this Capita
have been reviewing other areas of optimisation and have
spent an amount of time optimising URLs to reduce or
remove over heads on the filtering platform, this is being
worked on currently with a focus on Office365 URLs based
on increased use of these services.
01604 879 869
[email protected]
The OPENHIVE service desk have been making a focused
effort of ticket management and have been driving hard to
close and clear aged tickets. You may have been contacted
by the desk to close items and your prompt input will be
appreciated in this.
The emPSN 2015-2020 5 Year Plan and annual business
plan for emPSN Services Limited was approved by the
empsn Board on the 23rd February. As a member (owners)
of the Company you are invited to comment on the contents
of the plan to inform the Board. The plan is issued on the
www.empsn.info/ website.
A key challenge for the Company is to ensure the range and
type of services we broker, regulate and manage on your
behalf is actually meeting your needs and supporting you in
achieving your objectives. Throughout 2015-2016 we will
continue to organise events and attend opportunities to
meet schools and LA colleagues to listen to and work with
you to improve what we can offer.
Meeting Dates
NEN Safeguarding Meeting 10th March 2015
emPSN Board Meeting 23rd March 2015
Be Secure, Be Safe Conference 28th April 2015
Local Authorities: