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What is Financial Aid?
Financial Aid is a general term colleges
use to describe all of the programs that
help families pay for college or
vocational training
Sources of Financial Aid
0Federal government
0State government
0Colleges and universities
0Private agencies, companies,
foundations and your parents’
Types of Financial Aid
0Gift Aid – Grants or scholarships
that do not need to be repaid
0Work - Money earned by the
student as payment for a job on or
off campus
0Loans – Borrowed money to be
paid back, usually with interest
Cal Grants
0 Cal Grant A Entitlement Awards – for students
with a GPA of at least 3.0, family income and
assets below the state ceilings, and who
demonstrate financial need
0 Cal Grant B Entitlement Awards – for students
from disadvantage or low income families with a
GPA of at least 2.0, family income and assets
below the state ceilings, and who demonstrate
financial need
0 Cal Grant C Awards – for students from low
income families pursing vocational programs of
Eligibility & Requirements for
Cal Grant
0 To be eligible for a Cal Grant, the student must also:
 be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
 be a California resident
 attend a California college or university
0 Cal Grant Application Requirements
• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
• Cal Grant GPA Verification Form
Check with your high school or college counselor for
more details on how to file the Cal Grant GPA
Verification form
Need-Based Federal Grants
0 Pell Grants
0 $5550 maximum per year
Supplemental Educational Opportunity
Grants (SEOG)
0 $4,000 maximum per year
*for the lowest income students
Types Of Applications
0 Cal Grant GPA Verification Form
0 Other Applications or forms as required by the
college such as:
• CSS Financial Aid Profile
• Institutional Scholarship and/or Financial Aid
0 Federal tax returns (along with schedules and W-2s)
or other income documentation
Information & Tips
 File Early
 Use estimated income information if taxes are not
complete at time of FAFSA submission
 Student and at least one parent must complete & sign
Federal Pin
0 Pin serves as the electronic signature
0 Both student and at least one custodial parent need
PIN to sign the FAFSA electronically
0 May be used to:
Check FAFSA status
Verify and correct FAFSA data
Add additional schools to receive FAFSA data
Change home and e-mail address
0 If an e-mail address is provided, PIN will be e-mailed
to the PIN applicant within hours
Apply TODAY for
student & parent PINS:
Getting Ready
Before starting the FAFSA, gather:
0 Student driver’s license
0 Student Alien Registration Card
0 Student and Parent
0 Social Security cards
0 W-2 Forms and other records of money earned
0 Federal Income tax form (even if not completed)
0 Records of untaxed income
0 Current bank statements
0 Business, farm and other real estate records
0 Records of stocks, bonds, and other investments
Create a file for copies of all financial aid documents submitted
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