Financial Aid - Chaffey College

Federal School Code: 001163
Financial Aid is a number of federal, state, and
private funding programs available to assist
students with educational expenses.
BOGW- fee waiver – (waives tuition fees for
California residents)
Cal Grant
FWS – (earned by working on campus)
Complete the Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA) online at:
The FAFSA is easy, quick, and free
Apply early
The priority deadline to apply is March 2, but
you can still apply after that date. Though,
some aid is available on a first-come, firstserve basis.
If you are filling out the FAFSA online for the
first time, you will need a Federal Student Aid
PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your
PIN allows you to sign your FAFSA
Your parent may also need a PIN if they have
to sign the FAFSA
You can request a PIN in step 1 of completing
the FAFSA at or go directly to .
You only need to apply once a year for each
academic year.
You can complete the FAFSA as early as
January 1 – March 2 for the following
academic year (school year)
Remember March 2 is a priority deadline;
some aid may not be available if applying
Your Social Security Number
Your driver’s license
Your W-2 forms for the previous year and
other records of money earned
Your (and your spouse’s, if you are married)
Federal income tax return
Your (and your parent(s)
Records of Child support paid (if applicable)
Documentation that you are a U.S. permanent
resident or other eligible noncitizen
You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR)
from the federal processor by email
approximately 24-48 hours after you submit
your FAFSA, or within two weeks if you
requested your results to be mailed to you.
Review your SAR. It will tell you if additional
information is needed for processing or if you
have been selected for “Verification”.
Be sure you list correct information such as,
Social Security Number, Date of Birth, legal
The federal processor will process the
information you submit on the FAFSA, but the
Financial Aid Office will complete the process
by reviewing eligibility and completing your
By adding our Federal School Code 001163 to
your FAFSA, Chaffey College will also receive
your results.
Once results are received, we will email you
informing you that additional information is
needed for processing or if you have been
If you have been awarded you will also receive
an e-mail informing you to view and accept
your awards online.
Verification means that the Financial Aid
Office must verify the data reported on your
FAFSA. You will be required to submit your
and/or your parents’ tax information for
If you have been selected for verification, the
Financial Aid Office will notify you by email.
You may also log on to MyChaffeyView to see
if verification documents are listed under “My
Check if documents are needed at on
MyChaffeyView under My Documents.
Check the status of your financial aid awards
by logging on to on MyChaffeyView under My
You must Accept or Reject your awards online
in order to receive funding on MyChaffeyView
under Accept or Reject my Awards.
Once your Financial Aid file has been
completed, you will receive an email
informing you to view your awards online by
logging on to MyChaffeyView.
You must Accept or Reject your awards online
in order to receive funding.
Funds are electronically disbursed into a
grant account at the Chaffey Federal Credit
Union (CFCU) and you will be issued an ATM
card free of charge.
You also have the option of having funds
transferred to your own bank account free of
charge by completing an ACH form and
submitting to any of the CFCU branches at
least five (5) days prior to disbursement.
Establish your account and get your ATM card
in time for your disbursement. Visit one of
the CFCU branches as soon as possible:
Rancho Cucamonga Branch: 9679 Baseline
Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Ontario Branch: 410 Lemon Avenue, Ontario,
CA 91764
You will need to take your class schedule or
award printout, Social Security Card, and a
valid Drivers License or California ID.
ACH transfer request forms and
Disbursement Dates are available online at
Awards are awarded based on full-time status
but the amount you receive will be adjusted
according to your enrollment status.
Most students don’t have to be enrolled fulltime to be eligible for financial aid.
However, you must maintain Satisfactory
Academic Progress.
Students must meet academic progress
requirements to receive financial aid.
You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA,
work towards completing a degree or
certificate, successfully complete a minimum
of 67% of all attempted units, and not exceed
90 attempted units.
Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress
Probation Policy for complete requirements
You may lose your aid or have to pay back
unearned money if you withdraw from
For complete details about financial aid
programs and policies, please refer to the
Financial Aid Website: