Treasurer*s Meeting - UVA Student Council

Treasurer’s Meeting
Business Services
Kyle Bowman, Business Services Manager
SAF Guidelines
• Purpose – This SAF Guidelines have been developed as a
comprehensive guide to assist student groups that receive money
from the Student Activity Fee. While some sections may be relevant
to other organizations, most of the procedures described apply only
to those groups who participate in the Appropriations Process.
• You MUST be registered in @UVa to access funds.
• The responsibility for adding/maintaining a CIO and its members are
that of the President
• Treasurers MUST acknowledge that they have read the guidelines prior
to accessing funds
• Guidelines can be accessed via @UVa
Federal Tax ID
• Necessary for tax filing purposes
• Banks and other institutions require a Tax ID to
open an account
• Requirement for registering your CIO in UVa
financial system for payment
• Social Security Number should not be used as
Tax ID
To obtain a Tax ID contact IRS at
Organization Checking Account
• Internal Control Measure
Use the organization’s name and not that of an individual member
• Bank Account Approval Document
• Allows reimbursements electronically via direct deposit
• To set up direct deposit, complete the Student Organization
Direct Deposit Form
• No Fee Checking Account = Bank Fee Waiver Letter
SAF Guidelines – You should know
60 Day Policy:
For Rolling Rounds: Groups have 60 days from the date of the email notification to
submit requests for reimbursement to ODOS Business Services. If a Rolling Round
has less than 60 days, the reimbursement request must be submitted by the
established deadline for that particular Rolling Round - see Appropriations Calendar.
For Semi-Annual Rounds: Groups have 60 days from the start of the Round or
the date of their receipt, which ever is later, to submit requests for reimbursement to
ODOS Business Services. If there are less than 60 days remaining before the SemiAnnual deadline, the reimbursement must be submitted by the established deadline see Appropriations Calendar.
Final Dates to Request Reimbursement
Fall Semi-Annual – 60 Day Policy Applies
ROUND I – November 18, 2011
ROUND II and III – December 16, 2011
ROUND IV – April 20, 2012
Round V and VI – May 11, 2012
Spring Semi-Annual – 60 Day Policy Applies
Treasurer completes the Create Purchase Request Form
All supporting documentation is attached to the Create
Purchase Request Form
**Only original receipts will be accepted and they MUST be itemized**
You are responsible for ensuring Business Services receives all
Business Services reviews documentation
If approved, reimbursement is issued via direct deposit or by
check, payments to vendors are mailed directly to vendor
Allow 7-10 days for processing of the Create Purchase Request
Form after receipt by Business Services
• If a University department agrees to cosponsor and share the cost of the SAF
approved expenditure, notify Business
Services immediately.
• Notify Business Services 30 days in advance
of event for check processing.
• Documentation of the agreement or
arrangement must be provided
– Lodging: Original itemized lodging receipts from checkout (MUST HAVE:
proof of payment, date, room description, number of rooms)
– Public Transportation: Original boarding passes and itinerary
– Personal Vehicle:
Mapquest or Google map
Mileage Reimbursement Form
Proof of travel (fuel receipts, brochure from event, etc.)
Richmond and DC exceptions (predefined mileage)
– Rental Vehicle
• Reimbursement made for cost of rental and gasoline
– Guest Speakers
– Accomplished individuals in the CIO’s area of interest who are in fact SPEAKING
– UVA Staff, Students, performers, dancers, musicians, artists, etc.
– Requests for reimbursement are due 60 days from the date of the
event/travel date (whichever is later)
Mileage Log
Mileage Log
Vendors are anyone who provides a good or service
to your organization
• Organizations should NOT pay for service related
expenditures (i.e. printing).
• If prepaying a vendor directly, Business Services
must be notified 30 days in advance.
• Vendors receiving direct payment MUST be
registered in the UVa financial system.
• Contact Business Services for any service related
expenses or any vendor direct payments.
Obligations incurred by student organizations are
solely to the individual contractor; neither
Student Council nor the University of Virginia will
assume liability for such organizations. A clause
to this effect is required in every contract entered
into by a student group. This requirement serves
to put merchants on notice that the University
does not guarantee the contract.
Summary for Accessing Funds
• Officers properly updated in @UVa
• Federal Tax ID
• Bank Account
– Bank Fee Waiver Letter
– Bank Account Approval Document
– Direct Deposit Authorization Form
• 60 Day Policy
• Submit Documentation
– Signed Create Purchase Request Form printed from atUVa by the
– Itemized Receipts
– Mileage logs
• Direct Deposit into account or Check held for pick-up
Business Services Staff
• Michael Kozuch (mk8w) 924-4225
Assistant Director for Business Services
• Pat Payne (pjp4c) 924-0867
Business Services Coordinator
• Kyle Bowman (klb9u) 924-8805
Business Services Manager
Contact Information
Business Services
Office of the Dean of Students
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 924.0876
Office: Newcomb Hall, 4th Floor, Room 444
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