Fully-Compliant, Insured Executive Medical Reimbursement Plan

Obama Care Excepted, Fully-Insured
Executive Medical Reimbursement Plan
(U.S. Only)
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Executive Medical Reimbursement Plan
• This fully insured supplemental medical reimbursement plan is not subject to
health care reform group plan provisions or ERISA rules, so it available for select,
carved-out by classes of employees
• It covers most IRC Section 213(d)-eligible expenses that are otherwise not
covered under primary health plan plus dental, vision, Rx, etc.
• Premiums may be tax deductible to employer and premiums and benefits may not
included in employee’s taxable income (This is not to be considered tax advice.
Consult with a professional tax advisor regarding the tax status of this program.)
• It is underwritten / insured by A+ rated insurance companies
• Additional features include :
-Dynamic underwriting with guaranteed issue (no medical underwriting,
waiting periods or pre-existing conditions limitation)
- Rapid reimbursement of claims, typically 5 to 7 business days
- A Prescription MasterCard® for instant reimbursement of Rx claims
- Navigation to, and priority appointments with, leading specialty physicians
- 24/7 Travel and Medical Emergency Support Services Including Air Evacuation
- Reimbursement toward and coordination of Executive Physicals
Sample Benefit Schedule – High Option
- Per occurrence for medical out-of-pocket costs = $10,00
- Annual family maximum = $100,000
Additional Coverage
Per Covered Person
Medical Equipment
Wellness / Lifestyle
Executive Physicals
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