Use and Applications of National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment

Roger Mourad – Washtenaw Community College
William Everin – Washtenaw Community College
Robert Roe – Alma College
 Robert
 Brief intro to Clearinghouse
 Demonstration of how to format a file
 How to submit a file
 What the return files looks like
 Bill
 How CH matches records
 How to define the dataset
 How to define the request
MiAIR 2012
Objectives– Con’t
 Robert
 How to deal with issues in returned data file
 Specific example of working with graduation files that
contain multiple rows per student
 Roger
 An application of the use of Clearinghouse records in
the 2-year institution context: longitudinal student
outcome analysis
MiAIR 2012
National Student Clearinghouse
 The National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit
organization, was founded by the higher education
community in 1993
More than 3,300 colleges and universities, enrolling over
96% of all students in public and private U.S. institutions,
participate in the Clearinghouse
Our degree verification service, DegreeVerify, represents
over 80% of U.S. four-year degrees
More than 2,600 institutions participate in our enrollment
verification service, EnrollmentVerify, representing nearly
90% of currently enrolled U.S. college students
More than 1,200 high school districts and nearly 4,200 high
schools participate in the Clearinghouse
MiAIR 2012
National Student Clearinghouse
 All guarantors and most major student loan lenders
and servicers participate in the Clearinghouse
 Nearly 3,000 of the nation's largest employers,
recruiters and background search firms have
contracted with the Clearinghouse to perform secure,
online academic verifications
 The Clearinghouse performs more than half a billion
electronic student record verifications annually
 Over two million degrees are confirmed through
DegreeVerify each year
MiAIR 2012
Institutional Reporting
 Participants in EnrollmentVerify service (core) submit
a file to CH at census and at various points in the term
 File contains first name, mi, last name, DOB,
enrollment status (FT, HT, LH, W, etc.)
 Example
 Participants in the degree verify service submit a file to
CH after each graduation containing first name, mi,
last name, DOB, degree and degree date
MiAIR 2012
Student Tracker
 Student tracker is free if:
 Participate in free DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify
services, AND
 Report these additional data elements: class level,
college ID, and major and/or CIP
MiAIR 2012
Student Tracker Process
 Choose type of request
 Create file to submit
 Submit File
 Retrieve file
 Work with returned file
MiAIR 2012
Preparing a File For Submission
 For this example I used all students who were admitted
to Alma but did not enroll (declines)
Want is to see where they ultimately enrolled
See Handout
Return Files
Example of use at Alma
MiAIR 2012
Working with Returned File
 For this example we look at all Alma Grads from past 15
years and look for post Alma Degrees
 The issue is multiple rows per student
MiAIR 2012