Training on nuclear detection for enhanced border security

Training on nuclear detection
for enhanced border security
Enlargement and Integration Action: Workshop
JRC Institute
Institute for Transuranium Elements, ITU
Detection of illicit movement of nuclear or other radioactive material
at borders is an essential measure for protecting a state against
threats associated with proliferation or nuclear terrorism. Thus,
detection constitutes an important line of defence against these
Objectives, policy relevance
and content of workshop
The training aims at further developing the skills and increasing the
expertise in using detection equipment and operational response to
The training will be held at the EUSECTRA facility and include lectures
and presentations but most importantly make use of the portal
radiation monitors and hand-held radiation measurement
instruments in practical exercises. Real nuclear material will be used
for the scenario based exercises. The training shall be conducted in
Date, place and duration
October 2014, Karlsruhe, 5 days
Deadline for application
31 May 2014
Target deadline for results of
20 June 2014
Participants profile
The workshop is recommended for border guards, customs officers
and representative of other authorities involved in detection of
nuclear material at borders and other nodal points.
European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Enlargement and Integration Action 2014
Country of origin of
Focus on participants from:
 New EU Member State;
 EU Candidate Countries;
 EU Potential Candidate Countries;
 Framework Programme Associated Countries;
 on an ad hoc basis European Neighbourhood Policy Countries and
The Commission reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis
the granting of reimbursement of expenses, depending always on
the available budget.
Participants may be entitled to reimbursement of their expenses in
case they are directly (explicitly) invited by the organiser in order to
contribute to the workshop's objectives.
To apply please send your CV to: [email protected], subject: 2014-ITU-A-5
European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Enlargement and Integration Action 2014
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