10 tips to new students in Linköping

10 tips to new students in Linköping
1. Inexpensive foodshopping
There are several affordable grocery stores in Linköping. Hemköp Ryd has
even special offers for students on food in their store. Netto on the corner of
Drottninggatan/St Larsgatan and Lidl in Ekholmen are two examples where you can find many
2. Shop affordable furniture and accessories for your flat/student room
Take bus no 10 from Resecentrum (the train/bus station) to swedens most famous furniture
store, IKEA, found in Tornby. In addition, you will also find a mall/shoppingcentre (Ikano-huset)
with close to 60 different stores there.
3. Culture and events
Visit the Concert & Congress Hall (www.arenabolaget.se) that offers student fares on chosen
concerts, stand-up comedy sessions and other events. Ung Scen Öst and Karil located at Sagateatern offers a good program for those interested in theatre.
4. Have you not yet found somewhere to live in Linköping?
Please contact the lodging representative at Kårservice Linköping so they can assist you. Also
visit KOMBO´s website or www.studenbostader.se to find accommodation..
5. Exercise
There are several gyms and facilities that offers student discounts. Try for example Medley- Linköping Swimming and sporting facility, Friskis och Svettis, Actic, Worldclass or Studio Fitness.
6. Pubs and restaurants
On and around Ågatan and the main square Stora Torget is where it all happens at night! Check
www.visitilinkoping.se/gora/nattliv out for more information on where to go.
7. Find your way to and around Linköping
Buy a pass at Resecentrum and download a busmap over Linköping at
www.ostgotatrafiken.se/Planera-din-resa/Kartor/Linjekartor/ (klick at the link below the name
Linköping in the listing).
Are you on a bike? Head down to the tourist office in St Larsparken (Storgatan 15) and pick up
a bike map. Do you have friends and family visiting you in Linköping? Let them come here by
bus, train, plane or a car, visit www.visitlinkoping.se/resa for more info.
8 .The Linköping shopping experience
In the very city centre you will find over 200 stores along with 2 shopping malls in an attractive
cosy setting. Right alongside the E4, just a few minutes car drive from the city centre, you will
find the shopping area Tornby, which includes i.e. the shopping centre Ikano-huset, the furniture
store IKEA and several other larger chain stores.
9. More activities and offers for students
Visit www.studentnytta.se and find more advantageous offers for you as a student in Linköping.
10. Don´t miss out! – join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…
…or drop by the tourist office in St Larsparken and we will tell you everything you want to
know about Linköping!
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