Drama Academy

Drama Academy:
A Three Year Sequence
The Drama Academy is an opportunity for students to explore both the
performance and technical side of theater. In addition to many other activities
and courses, you will perform, write, and direct for stage.
Drama: Performance
Grade 10:
Fall: Literature in Performance
• Read and examine dramatic
works of literature for aspects
of performance (character
development, scenic design,
costuming, etc…)
Spring: Musical Theatre
• A study of the origin of
Broadway through the
composers, writers, and
performers who made it
Grade 11:
Fall: Drama in Film
• Learn the differences between
acting for stage and screen
while analyzing film versions of
stage shows. Gain a working
knowledge of the audition
Spring: Stage Movement
• Learn through observing and
practice about movement in
performance. The course will
also focus on choreography
and stage fighting.
Drama: Performance
Grade 12:
Fall: Improvisation
• Learn to perform with no script
or direction. Think
spontaneously and improve
focus and concentration while
improving stage presence.
Fall: Acting
• Study various methods and
approaches to acting both in
theory and in practice.
Spring: Dramatic Writing
• Begin the process of writing
for theater by creating
monologues, short skits, and
longer works.
Spring: Directing for Stage
• Learn how to stage plays
based on information
provided in scripts. Hone your
artistic vision to transfer
words from the page to the
SHREK the Musical
In the Heights
Technical Theatre
The Technical Theatre component will work
in conjuction with the performance classes
while focusing on the workings behind the
scenes. You will work on set design,
scenery, sound, lighting,costuming, and