Drama Study Guide Chap 1,2 & 7

Drama Study Guide
Prepare to answer in short answer- a couple of sentences
Chapter 7
How did drama begin?
Who are the four famous Greek playwrights? (Three Tragedy and one comedy)
Explain what catharsis is and why it is important to theatre
How have theatre stage and the types of plays transformed from the Greeks through the
Chapter 1
Explain and give examples about character-centered vs. situation centered approaches
What is the motivated sequence—give an example (ie, an alarm clock sounds-now walk me
through the situation—you may not use that one on your test though)
What questions do you ask to establish your character? (pg 14)
What is the illusion of the first time and why is it important
What is scene stealing and why should it be used, when shouldn’t it be used.
Define improve
Chapter 2
Define: Pantomime-who are two very famous people knowing for miming
What is nonverbal communication
What are the two different types of gestures and how does an actor use them effectively?
Performance based:
Sit in a chair and get up
Falling down
Walk onto stage from Right and Left turn the appropriate way
Walk and use gestures to communicate intent (like the exercise in class today)
Several of these will be incorporated into improve situations