Contractor & Owner Roles in Health & Safety

Contractor & Owner Roles in
Health & Safety
Safety Topics
• Contractor Role in Health and Safety
• Owner Role in Health and Safety
Definitions under the Act
According to the act:
Owner is defined as a trustee, receiver, mortgagee in
possession, tenant, lessee, or occupier of any lands
or premises used or to be used as a workplace, and a
person who acts for or on behalf of an owner as an
agent or delegate.
Contractor (Constructor/Employer) as
defined, a constructor means a person who
undertakes a project for an owner and includes an
owner who undertakes all or part of a project by
himself or by more than one employer and a means a
person who employs one or more workers or
contracts for the services of one or more workers
and includes a contractor or subcontractor who
undertakes with an owner, constructor, contractor or
subcontractor to perform work or supply services.
Contractor Roles:
• Before the project begins…
• During the project…
• After the project has been completed…
Before the Project Begins
Planning the project
File Notice of Project
Complete Form 1000 and post a copy of Health & Safety Policy
Attain Building Permit
Contact Subcontractors for Clearance Certificates/Form 1000 and signed safety
acknowledgement form
Attain proof of training from subcontractors
Set up Project Binder/Board with Health and Safety Forms, Utility Locates,
Emergency Numbers, MSDS etc.
Engineered Drawings for shoring, roof anchors, etc.
Pre- project site inspection with pictures, and check for environmental concerns
Notice of Project
FORM 1000
WSIB Certificate
During the Project
Starting the project
Based on the job, assess training requirements and make sure workers
have proper training (records up-to date).
Mobilize Health & Safety Board /First Aid Kit/Eye Wash Station/Fire
Extinguishers/ Emergency Air Horn.
Make sure Site Binder contains Emergency Response Plan and the
workers are trained. Designate Common assembly area and outline on
site map.
Ensure all workers are properly oriented to the site as well as any
sub-contractors coming on site.
Ensure the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is on site and
readily available to the workers.
If more than 5 workers are on site ensure that a health and safety
representative is appointed by the workers.
Typical Job Board Sample
 Ensure that only competent supervisors are in charge of job-site
and workers are properly trained!
Ensure that supervisors are carrying out and documenting weekly
site inspections.
New workers and sub-trades are oriented.
Ensure that safety talks are done weekly.
Ensure workers are following safe work practices
as outlined in the company health & safety program.
Ensure all necessary personal protective equipment
is worn and maintained in good condition.
Implement company disciplinary policy for any worker or sub-trade who does
not comply with health an safety requirements.
Ensure health & safety representative(s)’s recommendations are presented to the
Joint Health & Safety Committee .
After the project Ends
All site inspections
Accident/Incident Reports
First Aid Reports
Joint Health & Safety Recommendations
Owner Roles:
 Stress safety as part of the contract during the pre-job walk-around. This
gives contractors the opportunity to include all safety-related items in their
bids and lets contractors know early that the owner is serious about safety.
 Conduct safety audits of the contractor prior to and during construction.
The owner’s or construction manager’s safety staff conducts these audits to
ensure compliance with the owner’s safety requirements and with all
provincial and federal safety regulations.
 Conduct periodic third party safety inspections.
 Require safety training of all project employees.
 Include general safety guidelines in the body of the contract.
 Always include safety on the agenda at owner-contractor site meetings.
 Provide contractors with special safety guidelines they must follow.
 Require the contractor to assign safety coordination responsibility to
someone on site
Certificate of Insurance
Trade Licence
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