Contractor Database 2014 Enhancement

Contractor Database
2014 Enhancement
Doris Carter
Safety Metric Analyst
Why the Rewrite of the Database?
• Since 2002 the Passport Training and Database
program has supported our commitment to deliver
a world-class health and safety program for both
our employees and contractors
• In the past 12 years, the Safety Passport Program
has undergone some minor revisions/updates
• Earlier this year, a needs assessment indicated
that major changes were needed to the database
application due to internet browser requirements
Why the Rewrite of the Database?
• A rewrite of the Passport database was
determined necessary to resolve issues of the
application being out of date and not working in
current browsers or on modern devices
• The rewrite of the application will modernize the
application for LG&E and KU’s contractors and
enable the program to be more mobile friendly on
your many devices
Individual Contractor Main Page
Entering a New Employee
Entering a New Employee
Adding Incidents and Hours
Summary of Data Collected
• Total number of active/certified companies in the
database: 614
• Total number of active contractor employees in the
database: 18,220
• Total number of active subcontract companies in the
database: 743
• Total number of contractor hours logged YTD:
• Total number of employees red-listed since 2002: 844
• Total number of employees red-listed YTD: 169
Contractor Database Assistance
• Job aids will be posted on the database to help
guide you through the process
• Contractor hot line phone number will remain the
same 502-627-4841
• Contractor email address will remain the same: