L - fresher resume

Applying jobs in a better way
Debeesantosh Prakash
Target audience
• This ppt. Is for freshers only.
• This ppt is covering from CV writing to get
the interview call.
• This ppt is not covering how to face any
interview or about your preparation
• CV writing
• Cover letter
• Applying jobs
• Etiquettes to be followed
• How to prepare after getting a call
What your CV should contain
• Objective
• Qualifications
– Graduation details
– Certification
Skills sets
Project details
– Role
– Duration
Personal Details
What your CV should contain
• For freshers it should not exceed 2 pages
(no back to back printing)
Please use Times New Roman 12 as standard font
Highlight your achievements, skill sets
Your resume should be attractive
Describe your projects in brief.
Grammar check is essential
Be honest while writing resume and focused.
Don’t write all the skill sets in which you are not
What recruiter looks first
Points to remember:
• How is the information presented?
• Cover letter
• Subject line
• Skills vs. Requirements
• Years vs. experience
• Skill sets and projects
Cover letter
• It describes your attitude and how you present yourself before
others in e-mail.
It should not be too long nor too short.
Mention your personal strengths and willingness to take the
challenge in adverse conditions.
Never address with sir/madam. Just say Hi.
In the cover letter mention the source of the recruitment news.
End the cover letter with positive statement e.g. I look forward
to / in anticipation of etc..
Mention your contact number at the signature of the mail
(bottom part)
Applying jobs
Browse all the job related websites daily.
• Be the first to apply.
• Now-a-days there are trigger counts in the database,
so when the database reaches that count (it block the
DB and triggers a failure)
• Apply as per the requirement only.
• If the eligibility criteria is not matching never apply
for it.
say, the requirement is for experienced, then freshers
should not apply for this and vice versa.
• Always go through the job resource (job news) and applying
strictly though the procedure it has mentioned.
A proper procedure helps the recruiter in filtration of resumes
from a pool of resumes.
• Mention the subject line as mentioned in the recruitment news.
E.g. job code. The rule automatically filters the resume with
job code
• In case the job code is not mentioned, then follow the belo
(skill is optional)
e.g. 2006/B.Tech/Comp.Sc./76%/bangalore/C++
• Always keep track of the job-news.
• Do not apply multiple times for a single recruiment.
• Now most important factor:
If you have received any job news, go though the mail/news
twice before applying.
Do not ever send your resumes to anyone, if it is not asked
in the mail/news. It creates problem in the recipient's work
who might not be concerned to this and he/she will delete
your mail and resume too.
If it is a referral recruitment, then the employee (whom you
have referred) should be aware of this, so inform him/her.
• Be professional while applying for jobs, never be emotional
nor disclose your weakness.
• If it is a referral recruitment, then try to find out an employee
of that organization (use your networking).
• Send a request to that employee with the source of the
recruitment news and request him to forward your resume to
the concerned HR team.
• Never send your resume to anyone if there is no recruitment
for freshers in that organization. If it is then it is advisable to
send with the source.
• The recipient should be in “To” field.
• Never apply to multiple recipient in “To” or “CC” field.
• If you are applying to multiple job-emails then keep all the
recipients in “BCC” field.
Mention subject line as it is asked. Refer slide number 8.
Never address with Sir/Madam.
Always write cover letters (it should be small and meaningful)
Refer slide number 6.
Never ever send your resume to any unconcerned person.
If you are forwarding any job news/ mail to others, then
remove the header of the mail.
How to prepare after getting call
• Gather maximum possible information about the company
• Know the fields/domains they are working on
• Try to find any employee of that company and mention his
details on the resume (while going to interview).
Be confident .
All the Best