Lisa Tourk, Angil Bolden, Claudia Genera, and Christina Cavazos

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Lisa Tourk, Angel Bolden, Claudia
Genera, Christina Cavazos
• In the border city of Juarez, many women are being killed
every year. In the past 10 years hundreds to thousands have
been murdered. Although women are advancing the death
rate is enormous. These women’s bodies are found left in
dumpsites, deserts, and empty lots. Regardless police
refuse to investigate. Some of the women are being found
almost as skeletons. These devastating appearances are just
the aftermath of the women being kidnapped, raped,
tortured, killed, and dumped. Most of the murders occur
when women are walking alone to and from work. The
police have have refused to change the regulation requiring
72 hours to pass before someone can be reported as
missing, despite many of the victims being tortured for
days before being killed.
Juarez continued...
• Some believe the police are behind some of the murders
and a conspiracy. Other rumors point to one or a
group of serial murderers, movie production, drugrelated gang wars, a bus-driver homicide network
and an organ-stealing racket. To a surprise these
women are not being killed by strangers, but by
people they know. People such as fathers,
boyfriends, husbands, uncles, cousins, brothers,
along with drug dealers and gangs, too. All with
amazing brutality. The police continue to claim that the
situation is under control. And the women of Juarez
just keep disappearing, and the number of deaths keep
• These victimized women
are as follows:
María Rocío Cordero (11.03.94 - 11)
Gladys Janneth Fierro (12.05.94 12)
Olga Alicia Carrillo Perez (10.09.95
- 13)
Rosa Isela Tena Quintanilla
(15.12.95 - 14)
Susana Flores Flores (07.12.96 - 13)
Sonia Ivette Ramírez (10.08.96 - 13)
Cinthia Rocío Acosta Alvarado
(11.03.97 - 10)
Brenda Lizeth Najera (07.12.96 - 15)
Ana María Gardea Villalobos
(14.03.97 - 11)
Jessica Martínez Morales (03.01.98
- 13)
Celia Guadalupe Gómez de la Cruz
(10.12.98 - 13)
Irma Angélica Rosales Lozano
(17.02.99 - 13)
Guillermina Hernandez (20.11.94 15)
Adriana Torres Marquez (02.11.95 15)
Esmeralda Leyva Rodriguez
(15.11.93 - 13)
• These is just a short
example of the many
more women’s available.
Arrested in connection with the murders
• Abel Sharif- he was the first to be
arrested confessed to five killings
in 1995. Sentenced to thirty years
in jail.He is guilty of at least
twenty murders.
Sergio Armendariz and 'The
Rebels’- were hired by Sharif to
kill women while he was in jail.
In 1996, they were charged with
seventeen murders. In 1998,
several men involved in the same
slaying were charged for slaying
an additional fifty women.
• Jesus Manuel Guardado
Marquez-Bus driver arrested on
April 1, 1999, and charged in the
murders of six women.
Eventually there were other bus
drivers as well charged with
murders of 190 killings.
Jose Rosales- arrested in 2001,
this was his second arrest in
relation to Juarez murders. He
was put in jail for one year in 96
to 97, later released for lack of
evidence. Was rearrested in El
Paso, TX.
Arrested continued...
• Victor Garcia Uribe and Gustavo Gonzales Mesa-Two more bus
drivers that were arrested after the discovery of the eight
women in November of 2001. Confessed to eleven killings.
Also, showed off injuries they claim were caused by police
during an investigation, including burn marks.
Their Stories...
• Women drug dealers have been dissolved in acid, wives
set alight and young children raped by relatives and
dumped in the desert to die. A teenager tortured his
girlfriend,and her sister, for many days before killing
them, simply because she kissed another boy.
• There are many stories these women had to tell. There
are too many to post up.
• Due to lack of respect for women, the younger ones that
have already passed on sadly will never live the life their
missing. You already saw a short list of the many names
given. The older women will never finish life, to their
untimely death.
• God Bless these women.
Violence in Juarez, Mexico
• Since 1993, many women have
been killed in Juarez, many after
suffering sexual abuse and
torture. Murders showing similar
characteristics have spread all
over Mexico.Approximately 100
cases are suspected to be the
work of one or more serial
murderers – the rest are most
likely murders that flourish in a
city where women can be killed
with complete impunity. The
authorities have done little to
investigate or prosecute those
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