Dr Francis J. Tumblety

One of America’s first serial killers
By Abigail Hong
The Basics:
 Date of birth and location of birth
 Born to James and Margaret Tumblety
in 1833
 Irish-American
 Youngest of eleven children
 Posed as an “Indian herb Doctor”
 Jack the Ripper suspect!!! :o
 One of the first people to set up shop
in Pioneer Square
 Not known if he went
to school
 Trained under Dr.
 Peddled questionable
literature as a child
 He was arrested several times
for posing as a Union army
doctor, but was never in
trouble for his medical crimes
 He tried to infect the blankets
the enemies were using with
yellow fever
 He used several different aliases that all sounded
similar to his last name
Moved between US and Britain multiple times to
escape the law
Killed a lot of his patients
Sold fatal abortion drugs
Arrested as a suspect for Lincoln’s assassination
 Thought to be
responsible for the
Whitechapel murders
 Suspected by the British
police, taken into
 When he wasn’t in
Europe, the murders
 Had a fiancé that
cheated on him and
broke all of her
 Collected women’s
body parts in jars and
pickled them, then
showed them to his
dinner guests
 He was one of the
first to set up shop
in Pioneer Square
and one of
America’s first ever
known serial killers
(and one of
Washington’s first,
as well).