Benito Juarez powerpoint

This is the village Benito Juarez was born
in. The mountains in the back are named
Sierra Juárez.
This is Monte Alban. It is the capital city
of the Zapotec Nation. Juarez lived here
with his grandparents.
Pictured is Don Antonio Maza. She employed
Juarez’s sister and allowed him to lodge in his
La Reforma represented the
triumph of Mexico's liberal
forces over the conservative
forces. The statue is located
in New Orleans where
Juarez was exiled.
Pictured is a stone memorial to Benito Juarez
with the inscription "El respeto al direcho ajeno
es la paz" (respect for the rights of others is
This is the city of Ciudad Juarez. It was
named after Benito Juarez. It is known for
being “the most violent zones in the world
outside of declared world zones.”
Illustrated above is Benito Juarez’s death place.
Inside, on the walls are beautiful murals painted by
Diego Rivera.
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