PowerPoint title A presentation by 4 January 2011

Integrated Wellbeing
Soft Market Testing Day
Agenda for Today
 Integrated Wellbeing Service- Background
Procurement Process
Opportunity for questions
Workshop – opportunity for feedback
Next steps
Networking opportunity
Integrated Wellbeing Service
The integrated service model aim is to run as a ‘one
stop shop’, with a single point of access and clear
referral pathways into other health services.
Enable service users to move seamlessly between
services to suit a client’s needs.
Advice/guidance of agencies addressing wider
determinants of health.
Model Objectives
Integrated service, single access/multiple delivery
Patient centred approach: individual & holistic; support
behaviour change; monitor progress
Alignment across a number of services, move away from
silo approach, single issue programmes
Target communities with greatest health need
Clear referral pathways to other services
Promote self-help, healthy lifestyle/healthier
Single number/email/web-access to lots
Uses new technologies where appropriate
Key Elements
Tobacco control including smoking cessation
Provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Health Trainers support
Community NHS Health Checks outreach service
Physical activity-Health Walks.
Childhood weight management
TB outreach
ESOL (English as A Second Language) - Skills for
A public consultation exercise is currently being
undertaken to ensure that service user needs are captured
and are used to inform the service design of the new service
In addition to the formal consultation process the project
team gathered examples of best practice from other local
There will be an opportunity for potential providers to
have input into the development of the integrated model
during workshop later today.
Proposed Lots
Lot 1: Tobacco control including smoking cessation service,
provision of NRT, Community NHS health checks, Health
Trainers Support. Annual Budget 750k-867k
Lot 2: Childhood weight management, TB outreach service,
Health Walks, ESOL-Skills for Health. Annual budget 208k
Lot 3: Customer Interface Service/Gateway to Healthy
Opportunities – to provide a referral process for clients
through a telephone, text, email and social media, promote
public health messages and distribute marketing materials.
Annual budget 49-56k
Integrated Wellbeing Service
The Integrated Wellbeing service will welcome bids from a single
organisation or a consortium
 A single response will be requested on behalf of the consortium
 One successful bidder will be selected per Lot, and bidders can apply
for more than one Lot
We encourage large bidders to include local Voluntary Community
Sector groups as delivery partner
The award criteria for services under each Lot will be specified in the
appropriate section of the service specification (related to the Lot)
 Contract length- 2 years and can be extended for a further period of up
to 2 years based on performance and budget
 The maximum annual spend range across all areas is 997k-1.12 million
and should include set-up costs.
TUPE will apply to Health Trainers and Childhood weight management.
Service Principals
Providers bidding for service need to demonstrate local knowledge,
past experience & a good track record of being able to deliver similar
service to a diverse community like Ealing.
 Workforce need to be skilled and meet national competency
 Providers will be expected to bring their own expertise to the
programme and how they would work with target groups and link with
local services appropriately.
Providers will be expected to meet all requirements of the service
Procurement Process
How to apply
London Tenders Portal
Please click on the following link to access the portal:
Registration is free. Follow the on screen guidance to work
through the registration process. Once your new supplier
application has been approved you will receive two emails, one
containing a username and the other containing a password.
Tender opportunities will be advertised on this page. You will
need to click on the contract and login and register interest. You will
receive confirmation and be able to access the tender via “My
Opportunities” once you have registered your interest.
Contract Documentation
Please read all documents carefully
The tender will follow a two stage process.
Stage 1 Pre-Qualification Stage
Stage 2 Tender Stage
The tender documents will include instructions on how to submit your
tender submission.
Evaluation and shortlisting criteria will be included in the documents at
both stages
You will be required to complete tender documents online and attach
additional documentation.
You will have opportunity to seek clarifications on anything contained in
the tender documents that you do not understand using the
“discussions” area in the portal.
Clarification responses will be sent via the portal to all tenderers.
 All tenders must be submitted only via the portal by the deadline stated.
Time Table
The planned schedule of events for this procurement is as follows:
This schedule is indicative and subject to change at the Council’s
Publish PQQ
2nd February 2015
Deadline for PQQ Submissions
10th March 2015
Publish Tender
13th April 2015
Deadline for Tender
18th May 2015
Decision to Award
July 2015
Contract Start
August / September 2015