Integrated Passenger Transport Review

Integrated Passenger
Transport Review
Voluntary and Community Sector
Commissioning Board
Tim Wood, Assistant Head of Service – Transportation
22 March 2013
Existing Council annual expenditure
• Service buses, community transport and
concessionary fares
• Home to School transport
• Adult Care & Support commissioned
• ACS Day Centre vehicles
• Day Centre direct commissioning
• Other
over £24.5m
• not all ad-hoc travel is recorded clearly to interrogate expenditure
Project Board
Tim Wood, Project Manager
reporting to:
Peter Marsh, Interim Director – Environment
Kim Carey, Director – ACS
Trevor Doughty, Director – CSF
Niki Venison, RCHT
DRAFT Vision
• Cornwall’s Integrated Transport Unit (ITU) will be a one
stop shop for passenger transport. It will bring together
transport services delivered by a range of providers across
Cornwall for travel by taxi, minibus or service bus. Through
working with the public sector, private sector and third
sector, the ITU will provide the most efficient transport
services possible for the community of Cornwall ensuring as
much of the budgets as possible are expended on front line
services, not on administration. The ITU will be the single
point of contact for customers and staff of Cornwall Council
and patients and staff of Royal Cornwall Hospital for the
provision of passenger transport services and general travel
What will this mean?
• Easier interface for customers
• Easier system for staff requesting transport
• More joint working between Cornwall Council and
health partners
• Improved contracts management with providers
• Savings from better use of existing vehicle miles
• Better information on all trips made, to
• Understand what we commission
• Improve routes
• Offer better service to customers
When and what?
• The review is already underway but at an early stage.
• We are starting to meet those involved requesting
transport, providing transport and processing invoices
• By May 2013 we will be able to review all the processes
and recommend improvements
• By October 2013 we will have staff working together in one
unit, the ITU, starting to look for more ways to improve the
• We have started to review procurement options
• Common base specification for services
• Seek expressions of interest – April 2013
• Tender to award – October/November 2013
• Improved system to offer customer range of travel options
Other areas
• Making better use of Council and RCHT owned
• Integration with more health stakeholders
• Book transport on intranet (staff) or internet
• Transport of ‘stuff’, rather than people
• ……..
Views, comments & questions?
• Tim Wood
• [email protected]
• 01872 224421
• We will be measured by our success
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