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Transforming the Care we deliver
Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG
Dr George Campbell, Deputy Chair, HRW CCG
Sarah Ferguson, Senior Delivery Manager, HRW CCG
13th June 2014
Public Engagement
Phase 1 - Vision for Whitby &
Surrounding Areas
Retendering of Community Services and Out of Hours
GP Services
• Includes community nursing, specialist nursing, inpatient services,
OT and Rehabilitation Services, Minor Injuries Unit, outpatient
services and OOH GP services
• Contract value is £6-8 million annually
• Integrate three separate contracts
• 5 year contract (£40 million)
• Trigger an asset transfer of the hospital to NHS Property Services
• Bidders event on the 3rd July 2014
• Likely route will be competitive dialogue procurement
Major Improvements
Develop a frailty assessment service for patients complex comorbidities,
dementia and frailty
Good rehabilitation and reablement after acute illness or injury and changes to
the Day Rehabilitation Service
Better clinical input into the inpatient beds and improvements to rehabilitation
on wards and in the community to support earlier discharge and provide postdischarge support
Access to 24/7 Out of Hours GPs based at Whitby Hospital
Maintain local Minor Injuries Unit and integration with OOH
Creation of Single Point of Access and 24/7 Community Nursing
Choice, control and support towards the end of life
Improved access to own care records for them and their health professionals
Investing in third sector: sitting/befriending services, community agents and
care navigators
Additional innovation through collaborative working
Phase 2 - Redeveloping
Whitby Hospital
75% of the current facility is not occupied
Privacy and dignity issues
No dedicated treatment rooms for integration of
Out of Hours and Minor Injury services (off site)
Building is beyond its life and not fit for purpose
The current site layout does not allow for joint
The Brief for Community
• Identify options for redevelopment of site,
with partners and with NHS
• Review existing/alternative uses for the
• Identify potential revenue and capital
opportunities to improve VFM
• Prepare a formal set of
recommendations for the stakeholders to
consider and for CCG governing
body/council of members to approve.
Future Service Profile
Proposed Schedule of Accommodation
Inpatient Ward
Health and Wellbeing Hub
Ambulatory Care Centre
Note: Shared entrance reception/waiting areas not calculated (Additional area to be saved)
Assessment of Long List Options
Do nothing
Remodel buildings on
current site
New build on current
hospital site
The cost (value for money), planning constraints
and deliverability do not stack up when there are
suitable buildings already available on the site
which can be utilised.
Remodel and refurbish
Following a detailed property search no suitable
an existing building
buildings of the size required and suitability for
elsewhere in Whitby that conversion have been identified at this time.
is suitable for conversion
New build on alternate
site in Whitby
2a and b
Following discussions with Local Authority
planners and a detailed land search no suitable
sites of the size and nature required are currently
or expected to become available in Whitby at this
Capital Costs are for construction exclude VAT and fees, options 3 and 4 also exclude demolition and remediation and the cost of purchase for a
new site
Short Listed Options (Option 2a)
Re-model & refurbish health element using the block at the front of the site
Short Listed Option (Option 2b)
Re-model & refurbish health element using the 4th floor block on the
rear of the current site
Development of Site
Commercial Site Development
Development of Site
(Preferred Option)
Hospital integrated with NYCC Services
Financial Appraisal
(Option 2)
• Capital Investment - £6.352m
• Revenue - £0.9m (circa £800k)
• Capital Receipt - £0.6m - £2.445m
Local Planning Officers confirms support for a continuing health presence on the site, as well as
support for the principle of a mixed use of Extra Care development and general housing for sale.
There are feasible options to create a remodelled community hospital on the existing site.
Overwhelming message from the engagement period is that people place very significant value on
local services and would like to see the new hospital developed on the existing site.
Remodelling and refurbishing buildings on the existing site offers the best value for money option
going forward to deliver CCG commissioning intentions and the opportunity for integrated services
within a timescale and programme that the CCG/NHS can dictate and influence.
Progressing the Preferred Option would generate revenue saving to the NHS and would require less
capital investment than alternative options.
The preferred option offers an immediate solution to LA partners for their strategic service plans
assuming appropriate project and commercial arrangements can be agreed.
Governing Body to approve draft Community Ventures report and agree engagement plan.
Set up a joint commissioning/development project board with NYCC under an Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) with agreed principles and timescales.
Identify the capability and capacity to undertake the project ensuring appropriate resources
and skills are available to deliver the next stages.
The principal task of the joint project board will be to develop an interagency plan/business
case for the site that realises the vision for a health social care and wellbeing campus.
Alternatively should the partnership be unable to agree a joined up development plan the
NHS should continue to pursue a stand-alone remodelled community hospital maximising
the opportunities from the surplus land.
Fit 4 the Future –
Hambleton & Richmondshire
Significant project looking at providing more appropriate care
for an aging population, needed because:
• Ageing population – 30% increase in over 65s by 2021.
• Patients spend too long in acute hospitals.
• Community services need to be developed so people
can be cared for in their own homes.
• Health and social care services need to be more
Six key areas in the Vision.
Fit 4 the Future –
Hambleton & Richmondshire
• Currently in the middle of an engagement campaign.
• Good buy-in from health and social care partners.
• Conversations with members of the public so far have been
generally supportive of the Vision. Some good extra ideas
and thoughts.
• Will be going out to existing groups over the summer
months to further continue the conversation.
• Report published in the autumn.
Challenge Fund Update
Annie MacLeod
Relationship Manager

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