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October 2014
• Area Team required to review local PMS Agreements
by March 2016
• National Framework
• Local Process in partnership with Dudley CCG
• Case by case review of all affected practices
• Any resources freed up from review should be
reinvested in general practice services
• PMS resources not redeployed outside the current
CCG unless by agreement
• Liaise with LMC’s
• Partnership approach with Dudley CCG
• Information to practices week beginning 17th November
2014 to include:
• Letter outlining options and process
• National framework
• PMS Premium Review Pro Forma
• Return to GMS Request Template
• Practice Premium financial template
• Financial query Template
• Key dates
Process (2)
• Open Meetings
• Thursday 27th November 2014
• Wednesday 3rd December 2014
• Dudley Event to be arranged
• Practice Choice
• Return to GMS
• PMS Review
• Advice sessions
• Clinical Review Panels
• New Contracts
Black Country
Practice Choice – Return to GMS
BSBC Area Team to adopt Essex Model
Practices can choose to return to GMS contract
New contracts must begin 1st April 2015
Transitional support tapered over seven years
Complete template before 5th January 2015
Practice Choice - PMS Review
• Practice can choose to have full PMS Review
• Submit Clinical Review Pro forma by 5th January 2015
• Area Team to review returned pro forma and may
request further information in preparation for the
Clinical Review Panel
• Review to take place during 2015
• New contracts may commence from 1st April 2015
• Tapering of resources over minimum of 4 years
Clinical Review Panel (CRP)
• Commencing February 2015
• Panel to include
• Area Team Medical Directorate Clinicians
• LMC Representative (from outside LMC Area)
• Independent Panel Member
• Lay Person
• Clinician from another Area Team
• Contracting Managers present information to CRP
Clinical Review Criteria
1. The requirements of the existing PMS contract
2. Staffing levels against the services provided and
registered patient number
3. Any additional services provided and whether they are:
i. value for money, including a check against scope
of ‘core’ services
ii. duplication of payment
iii. alternative commissioner for that service
iv. meeting a recognised and evidenced patient need
v. alignment with CCG requirements as identified in
their primary care strategy
Support to Practices
Dedicated Project Lead – Area Team
Dedicated Membership Support from CCG
Open Sessions to outline process
Dedicated email account
Advice Sessions/Practice Visits
Compilation of Frequently Asked Questions
Support from LMC
Key Dates
• W/C 17th November 2014 Information pack out to
affected practices
• 27th November 2014 Birmingham Open Meeting
• 3rd December 2014 Black Country Open Meeting
• Date to be confirmed Dudley Open Meeting
• 8th December 2014 Black Country Advice Session
• 9th December 2014 Birmingham Advice Session
• Date to be confirmed Dudley Open Meeting
• 5th January 2015
Practice Choice submitted
• February 2015
CRP commence
• 1st April 2015
Revert to GMS Contract
Thank You
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