ANG Training Management (new window)

Objective of Training
Active Duty Training (ADT)
Inactive Duty Training (IDT)
Authorization & Pay
Key Responsibilities
Impact on the Mission
MP 1: Objective of Training
Educational opportunity to enhance
ability of units to execute tasked
missions in war and peacetime. Focus
placed on leadership, attitude and job
Provide timely training opportunities to ensure
full qualification for grade/position
Reduce organizational risk through training
that advocates safety, asset protection and
resource optimization.
MP 2: Active Duty Training
The purpose of ADT is to provide structured
individual or unit training and education
 Annual Training (AT)
 Special Training (ST)
 Formal School Training (FST)
 Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT)
 Military Personnel Appropriations (MPA days)
All of the above, to include AEF days, may
satisfy a member’s 15-day annual training
MP 3: Inactive Duty Training
The purpose of IDT is to provide individual
and or unit readiness training
 Ancillary Training
 Upgrade Training
 Readiness Requirements (PHAs, shots, 357s)
UTA options
 Split (SUTA) & Rescheduled (RUTA)
 Equivalent Training (EQT)
 UTA make-up done in a pay status for excused and nonpay status (retirement points only) for unexcused
MP 4: Authorization & Pay
Authorization of pay, entitlement to
retirement points, and any claim or
benefit that may arise as a result of
military service requires documented
evidence that the member was in a
duty status
MP 4: Authorization & Pay
Annual Training
 Planned for and scheduled
 Authorized by a written order
Unit Training Assembly
 Scheduled by Order of the TAG
 Publish the Order
 Distribute Order
 Post Order
Orders provide authorization for duty
MP 4: Authorization & Pay
Certification provides for payment
 (ADT) Certification block on written order
 Performed at completion of training
 Certification dates agree with dates on order
 (IDT) Accounting for UTA attendance
 NGB Form 633, Attendance Roster
 NGB Form 105, Authorization for Individual IDT
 AF Form 40, Authorization for IDT
MP 4: Authorization & Pay
Payment comes by direct deposit
Active Duty Training pay (three types)
Short-tour (about 15 days after completion)
Long-tour (incrementally during tour)
Pre-certified (on the date of completion)
Inactive Duty Training pay
UTA (about 15 days after UTA)
PT/TPPA (about 15 days after the 105s are
turned in)
Documentation is key
MP 5: Key Responsibilities
Active Duty Training
Issue written authorization – published order
Ensure ADT is appropriately and judiciously
assigned to meet mission requirements
Inactive Duty Training
Communicate UTA Schedule
Establish attendance & participation policy
Establish UTA excusal policy
May delegate the authority to certify pay
requests (delegation letter required)
MP 5: Key Responsibilities
First Sergeant
Act on behalf of the commander
Educate Airman on attendance policies
Monitor IDT Participation
Communicate UTA Schedule
Sign Attendance Rosters
Ensure pay documents are completed and
submitted on time
Documentation is critical toward benefits
and or discharges
MP 5: Key Responsibilities
 Enforce Policies
 Plan and assign ADT to fill requirements
 Assist and certify orders for pay
 Account for IDT attendance
 Comply with Policies
 Perform duty as ordered (ADT & IDT)
 Ensure pay documents are completed & submitted
MP 5: Key Responsibilities
Military Pay - FINANCE
 Advise first sergeants on pay issues
 Check all pay requests for accuracy
 Correct problems with pay requests
 Process requests for pay
 Work with members, supervisors, and first
sergeants to resolve pay problems when needed
MP 6: Impact on the Mission
Training is planned and productive
 Members know when to report
 Trainers are prepared to train specific tasks
 Training Managers can schedule ancillary training to keep
Removes Distractions
 Members focus on training - Qualified
 Leadership can focus on planning – Leadership Skills
Members get pay and points
 Happy members are easier to retain
Unit is mission ready
Objective of Training
Active Duty Training (ADT)
Inactive Duty Training (IDT)
Authorization & Pay
Key Responsibilities
Impact on the Mission