Survey presentation - West Midlands ADASS

Improving Children’s Health and
Wellbeing in the West Midlands
Feedback from survey
To what extent did the JSNA really affect the
priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy?
• Mixed response
• Where JSNA did affect the priorities
– Clarity of link
– Order of development
– Having consistency of Officer involvement
• Challenges
– Speed of development
– Work in progress
How to improve the development of JSNA/ Health
and Wellbeing strategy
• Wider consultation
• Linking key health risks to key Marmot themes
• Contract Monitoring to align service/team
impact to strategic priorities
• Dynamic relationship between JSNA and
Outcomes frameworks
Best features of JSNAs
Identifying the level of need in the population and Priority Neighborhood profiles
Level of Detail from overview to comprehensive data depending on their individual
Comprehensive coverage of topics
Dynamic website,
The way the information is presented in layers on website- Overview to allowing
visitors to a greater level of detail, maps, data, etc, depending on their individual
Collaborative process,
Senior manager buy in
Possible additional priorities for the H&WB
• Qualitative indicators for child health
• Increase scope to incorporate deprivation in a
wider context.
• Focus on life course
• Some respondents requested a decrease in
the number of priorities
How will the H&WB Strategy really direct the
services commissioned?
By governance through the HWBB
Focusing on the priorities
Having teeth and being part of the DNA of the LA
Encouraging joint commissioning
Assigning a Board member as "champion" for each of the
outcome areas.
• Agreeing the monitoring process
• Informing Public Health Priorities
• Public Health Priorities smaller list
• Interface between professional and public/patient
Improving the Health and wellbeing
• Having a Strategy
• Wide spread consultation and engagement in
the Strategies development
• Communicating Strategy to stakeholders/ Staff
• Refreshing Strategy once Board members
established / board matures
• More detail
Best aspects of Health and Wellbeing
Clear Governance Structures in place
Identify work areas for priority
Consultation with key stakeholders
Links to other Strategies, Plans and priorities.
Evidenced based targeted on clear and validated
• Short, easy to read, comprehensive
• Whole system approach
Improving existing Governance
Awaiting the Governance Structures for CCGs.
Alignment of local structures/governance
Ensuring all stakeholders are fully represented
Improved communication between Boards
Managing relationships across the
complex system
Health and Wellbeing Board critical role
Being Active rather than passive
Focus collaboration on specific themes/ Services
Ensuring strong collaborative relationships exist at all levels of
Regular contact,
Mutual trust and respect,
Genuine desire to work differently
Commitment to new arrangements.
• Strong links in place based on existing working relationships
– relationship building between key individuals where these don’t exist
Strengths of current joint commissioning
• Health Visiting services working in Children's Centres
– Family and Child Centred
– Sharing skills and expertise
• Joint commissioning posts
– Enables all perspectives to be afforded equal importance
• School nursing service
– Regular meetings with commissioners from health & LA
Strengths of current joint commissioning
• Multi Agency Panels
Multi-agency group
Single Focus. All three agencies fully committed.
Budget Holders
joint decision
• Joint Solutions Panel
– Pooled Budget to support children with complex needs
– Focus on sourcing better, cheaper, more local solutions to meet needs.
• Children and Young Person's Substance Misuse Group.
– Comprehensive needs assessment process.
• Women and Children's joint commissioning group
– Includes council's and NHS Provider services
Future Priority areas For joint
• Social support in pregnancy and early years
• Children's integration with adult
• School nursing,
• Health Visiting
• 0-19 Healthy Child Programme
Examples of joint delivery that are working
• Triaging arrangement involving children's
social care, health and police.
• Obesity
• Targeted Youth Support Panel
• Sexual Health Services
Areas for further integration of
Priorities within HWB strategy
Having an holistic approach to an individuals health and wellbeing.
5-19 healthy child programme
Front line and preventative services
• Specific areas
School nursing,
Health visiting
Early years -Children’s centres,
Schools and colleges,
Youth services
Sharing best practice:
Warwickshire County Council JSNA Website
Sharing best practice:
Dudley’s Joint local protocol between adult drug and alcohol
treatment services and local safeguarding and family services. :
Sharing best practice:
West Midlands
– Warwickshire and Coventry Tier 2 Targeted Services for Mental
Health (TAMHS),
– Wolverhampton Tier 3+
– Worcestershire Service redesign
• SE Scotland redesigned Tier 4 across 3 NHS Board areas (Lothian, Fife,
• Tendering of Tier 2, 3 and 4 services
Sharing best practice:
Public Health (0-5)
– Family Nurse Partnership Programme (FNP)
– Costs of the FNP are typically around £3200 per supported family per year
based on supporting a caseload of 100 families.
– Stoke, Staffordshire, Telford & Wrekin, Walsall, Birmingham, and Dudley.
YP Substance misuse
• National Treatment Agency Guidance and Best Practice
• London CAMHS Substance Misuse Specialist Service –(3 Las)
• Stoke
– Outcomes Based Commissioning
• Worcestershire
– payment by results
– recovery based
– outcome focused contract.
Sharing best practice:
• Disabled Children’s Services and complex health needs
– Personalisation
• Teenage pregnancy (and sexual health)
Joint commissioning of sexual health services
• Solihull and Birmingham (4PCTS)
• London Sexual Health Programme
• Yorkshire and Humber
Links to JSNA
Birmingham City Council
Coventry City Council
Dudley MBC
Herefordshire Council
Sandwell MBC
Shropshire Council
Solihull MBC
Staffordshire Ccunty Council
Stoke-on Trent City Council
Telford and Wrekin Council
Walsall Council
Warwickshire County Council$file/Shropshire_JSNA_SummaryDocument_2012.pdf
Wolverhampton City Council
Worcestershire County Council
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