Six ways to wellbeing

Six Ways to Wellbeing
Case Study
Kent County Council Arts & Culture Service and Public Health
with strategic investment partners Royal Opera House Bridge
and Artswork
The Vision
• Increased capacity and business diversification in the arts and
culture sector
• Increased understanding amongst commissioners and the
culture sector about how arts and culture can deliver positive
social and economic outcomes
• Building strong strategic relationships for future
commissioning opportunities
• Raise profile of ROH and Artswork Bridge organisations
working together with KCC partners to lever investment
The Journey so far…
• Arts funding cuts led to need for diversifying business models
– commissioning is a key opportunity
• Public Health looking for innovative ways to engage people
and improve health and wellbeing
• Conversations with Bridges, Public Health and KCC Arts and
Culture Service about shared aims
• November 2012 - ‘commission ready’ support sessions for arts
and cultural sector led by Linden Rowley
• Six Ways to Wellbeing delivery programme, support package,
evaluation of the process and a ‘roadmap’
Six Ways to Wellbeing
Research based model developed by New Economics Foundation and SLaM
Be Active
Keep Learning
Take Notice
The new world of Commissioning
What outcomes do we
want to achieve?
Delivery Programme
• Increased wellbeing for
children and young
people - WEMWBS
• Message of Six Ways
spread to wider
• Cultural sector understand
the commissioning process
Arts Awards
• Involvement of Healthy
Living Centres and
• Record the process as its
• Candid feedback from all
• Support successful providers
through the journey
• Capture learning
• Resource to guide cultural
orgs through commissioning
- Roadmap (April 2015)
Delivery Programme
• Agreed budget, timescales,
• Specification – agreed KPIs,
measurement of outcomes
• Procurement plan and
approach – what are we able
to do; what will allow sector a
fair chance, but ensure a
transparent process - OJEU
• Market engagement
Evaluation & support
• Agreed budget, timescales,
• Brief for recruiting evaluator
and support
• Story of change
• Planning for
Delivery Programme
Evaluation & Support
• Opportunity published on the Kent
Business Portal - OJEU
• Agree ‘story of change’ with evaluator
Manage relationship
• More market engagement
• Support this strand of work
• Re- tender for remaining three
• Contract Management
• Monthly monitoring
• Regular meetings with partners
• Contract Management
• Risk register
• Regular meetings with
• Risk register
What did we commission?
Six creative organisations (4 were partnerships of 1 or more)
Activities included:
• Range of celebratory
community events with arts and
culture activities to promote
Six Ways to Wellbeing
Story telling
Crowed-sourced poem
Drawing workshops
Sound workshops
Movement workshops
Drama workshops
Dance routines
Poetry workshops
Mask making
Creating a digital 'harp'
Theatre visits / performances
Film making
Creation of
listening/smelling/tasting maps
on Margate beach
Throughout whole process
For the commissioner:
• Specification
• Market engagement
• Procurement process
• Assessment criteria
• Interventions
• Outputs vs outcomes
• Contract management
• Is it value for money
For the Providers:
• Outputs vs outcomes
• Interpretation of specification
• Monthly monitoring
• How they deliver social outcomes whilst maintaining artistic mission
• Delivery challenges - timeframe, target numbers, budget
• Reflective – ongoing learning; CPD
Key learning so far…
• Not all cultural orgs ready for commissioning
• Not all commissioners understand the value of arts &
culture in delivering outcomes
• Procurement process not entirely fit for purpose
• Shared vision is necessary
• A&C deliver ‘added value’ but is not evaluated
• More response and lead-in time required
• Need for more partnerships in and out of culture sector
• Culture change needed on both sides
• True partnership working
• Shared vision
• Expertise
• Time
• Determination
• Political buy-in
The road ahead…
ROADMAP – April 2015
Continue to work with Public Health and other KCC services to create cultural
commissioning opportunities
Work with Bridges and Children’s services to develop commissioning
Working with New Economics Foundation as national pilot through Cultural
Commissioning Programme to effect change at policy level and
‘make the case’
Assess support needs of culture sector going forward
Create opportunities for arts and cultural orgs to develop relationships with
more traditional providers of social care / VCS
Focus on evaluating and evidencing ‘soft’ outcomes / added value / impact
Promote KCC commissioning opportunities (even if they are not specifically
asking for A&C)
We like talking about our work…
Laura Bailey, Arts & Regeneration Officer, Arts & Culture Service,
Kent County Council: [email protected]
Vicky Tovey, Commissioning Manager, Public Health, Kent County Council:
[email protected]
Lucy Medhurst, Strategic Manager, Artswork:
[email protected]
Emma Crook, Programme Manager, Royal Opera House Bridge:
[email protected]
Thanks for listening – any questions
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