The Manhattan Project

the scientists
 The Manhattan Project was a research and development
program that created one of the most dangerous weapons
the world has ever seen, the atomic bomb.
 The project started with 600 scientist to 6,000 scientist
 The first test on that atomic bomb was known as project
 The three most important people in the project were
Oppenheimer(scientist), Grove’s (military) and Bush
J. Robert
 Julius Robert Oppenheimer born in April 22, 1904 and
death February 18, 1967.
 He was Theoretical Physicist and Professor at the university
of California. (Berkeley)
 Was Director of the Manhattan Project. Working alongside
with Brigadier General Leslie Grove during world war II.
 The person who created the first nuclear energy weapon.
General Leslie
 He was the military Director of the Manhattan Project who
handpicked Oppenheimer for the position of the Director
under Grove’s authority.
 The reason why Grove picked Oppenheimer was because
Oppenheimer had the most Intel on Atomic Theory, but
never won a Nobel Prize.
 Isidor Rabi considered Grove a genius when nobody called
Grove a genius.
Vannevar Bush
 Born March 11,1890 and day of death June 28, 1978, he
lived to be 84 years old.
 He was the political organizer for the project of the
atomic bomb.
 Director of the Office of Scientific Research and
development and the six thousand best scientist in
America that presented their ideas of science to
Project Trinity
On July 16, 1945 somewhere near the area of Alamogordo ,
New Mexico was the first test of the atomic bomb.
The day before, Oppenheimer was given news from Enrico
Fermi that the bomb was finished and was ready to be
Seeing the blast of the bomb Oppenheimer muttered to
himself, out of regret, a verse from the Hindu bible. “I am
become death, the destroyer of worlds”.
The Atomic Bomb
 The atomic bomb was the first nuclear weapon ever created
 After project trinity was done the government asked for two bombs,
The Little Boy and The Fat Man, and dropped them both on Japan
month of July , 1945
 After that tragic event, the workers that helped make the weapon
started to commit suicide or live with the regret of killing a great
number of innocence people to the end of their days
The first start
 The first time the Manhattan engineer district started ,
they had a major general named Eugene Reybold and a
commander colonel James C. Marshall in august 16,
 But Eugene Reynold was replaces by Dr. Vannevar
Bush because Bush thought that Reybold was not the
person they were looking for
The second Time
 The Government found a replacement that was a colonel
named Leslie Grove’s
 The government ordered Leslie to present himself to them
 Grove’s went to the government thinking he had been
qualified for a combat mission, but they told him that he
was going to direct the Manhattan Project and that it
would be the mission that could change the coarse of the
 Grove said yes, on one condition, to promote him from
colonel to General and then he would work on the
Manhattan Project
The Three Questions
 Why did Oppenheimer say “I am become death, the
destroyer of worlds”?
 Why did Bush replace Reybold for Grove’s?
 Write me one of the two things that the workers did
after the bombing on Japan?
The Answers
 Oppenheimer was full of regret.
 Vannevar bush thought that Reybold was not the man
they were looking for.
 They committed suicide or lived with the regret of
killing innocent people to the end of their days.
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