A.L Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies
Research Ass.
By:Annmarie Latimore
Pd.2 Mrs.Francis
• Jack: He convinced
the boys on the Island
that he can supply
food, fun and security.
• “we shall erect a
people’s tribunal
before which the Nov.
criminals of 1918 shall
expiate their crime and
I frankly predict you
shall then see their
heads rolling in the
• They both were able to convince other of
their ability to provide safety and security.
Ralph=President Roosevelt
• The boy on the island
are drawn to Ralph by
the conch and right
away vote to make
him chief.
• “The new President
brought an air of
cheerful confidence
that quickly rallied the
people to his banner.”
Ralph&President Roosevelt
• Both President Roosevelt and Ralph are popular
with the people right away because of them
being understanding and caring to them.
Rock = The Atomic Bomb
• The rock that falls
down on Piggy kills
him. After his death a
bad series of event's
happens on the island.
• The Atomic Bomb
“power of what
previously was the
world’s most
devastating bomb, had
been dropped on
Rock & The Atomic Bomb
• Both the rock and the Atomic bomb are a symbol
that shows strength of destruction and death. The
war on the island is equal to the war in the world.
War on Island = War in the World
• The boys on the island
are fighting over
leadership and who
has more to offer.
• Following Japan's
bombing of Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii and
America’s entry into
Roosevelt, England's
Prime Minister Winston
Churchill and Soviet
leader Joseph Stalin,
held a series of
diplomatic conferences
to coordinate wartime
strategies and plan the
post-war world.
War on Island & War in the World
• The reason for the boy fighting on the
island is because of what they out in the real
world and the war that’s happing the same
time as the boys fight.
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