GD Presentation (Weapons)

Weapons From 1920 –
Atomic Bomb
It was used first used during the
World War II in the year 1945. It
was used by the USA against
It was used in two
Japanese cities
Nagasaki & Hiroshima.
The atomic bomb was carried
from a plane and it exploded
when it reached the ground.
The atomic bomb was, at that
time the deadliest and
biggest bomb. It was able to
destroy an entire city.
How it Works
An Atomic explosion consist mainly in a
chemical explosion that causes the
plutonium electron's to touch the protons,
causing the atoms to release high
powered energy.
Who created
the bomb
There were several people
who helped create the atomic
bomb. Such as Philip
Morrison, Robert
Oppenheimer, Einstein, and
four others.
The atomic bomb
made the Japan
people surrender. Than
that was the end of
World War II.
The End