• 2/27 Focus:
– In the late Middle Ages, Europeans faced
many challenges, including war and a
deadly plague
• Do Now:
– Identify two effects of the Black Plague
on Europe during the Middle Ages.
The Hundred Years War
• Conflict between
England and France
from the mid
1300’s to the mid
Origins of the War
• War breaks out in
1338 between England
and France over who
should become ruler
of France
Origins of the War
• French king dies in
1328 without a male
– Had a sister named
Isabella who had
married an English
king, Edward II
• Son was Edward III
– English King Edward
III claimed the
French throne
The Battle of Crecy
• English used new weapons
and tactics against
armored French Knights
– Longbow, cannons,
• English killed many French
prisoners and wounded
– Violated code of chivalry
• Battle considered to mark
the end of knights as an
effective fighting force
Joan of Arc
• French peasant girl
who took command
of the French army
– believed that God
had told her to lead
the French in
battle against the
– French prince
allows her to take
control of the army
Joan of Arc
• She inspired the
French soldiers
to win a number
of battles
• English captured
Joan of Arc and
burned her at
the stake 1431
The End of the War
• French began to
take back land they
had lost to the
• By 1453, the French,
had driven the
English out of
almost all of France
• War comes to an end
Results of the War
• Introduction of new
weapons made
knights and castles
• Showed that
feudalism was no
longer effective
• Contributed to the
end of the feudal
system in France and