Old and Middle English 1066- 1300 Chantal Molina

Old and Middle English 10661300
By: Anna Barcis, Leslie Ross, Duane Garcia, and
Chantal Molina
Significant Events
• 1066- Harold II is crowned king after Edward the confessor dies
• 1066- Battle Hastings
• 1066- Halley’s comet
•1072- William invades Scotland and also receives the submission of
Hereward the Wake.
• 1099- Crusaders capture Jerusalem, Godfrey of Bullion is elected king of
•1141- Matilda captures Stephen at the battle of Lincoln, and reigns
disastrously as queen. She is driven out by a popular rising and Stephen
• 1164- Constitution of Clarendon: restatement of laws governing trial of
ecclesiastic in England; Becket is forced to flee to France.
Continue of Events
• 1191- Richard I conquers Cyprus and captures the city of Acre.
•1194- Richard is ransomed and returned to England.
• 1215- Magna Carta: English Barons force John to agree to their rights.
• 1216- Henry III becomes king at age 9
•1264- Simon de Montfort and other english barons defeat Henry III at the battle
of Lewes.
• 1272-1307- Edward I becomes king
• 1290- Edward I expels all Jews from England.
• 1295- Model of Parliament: knights and burgesses from English shires and
towns summoned. First parliament.
•Edward I defeats Wallace at battle of Falkirk and re-conquers Scotland.
Relevant Authors and Titles
• 1100-1200: Layamon “Brut” –32,000 line poem
• mid- 1200’s Thomas of Hales wrote “Love Rune”- an erotic lyric poem
• 1250: “The Owl and the Nightingale”– Nicholas of Guildford
• Early 1300’s: John Hydiffe- First english version of the bible
•1307-1321: Alighieri Dantes- “Divina Commedia”
• 1325-1408: John Gower- “Confessio Amantis”
• 1369: Chaucer’s “The Book of Duchess”
• 1387-1400: Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”