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The 100 Years War
George W.
For Mrs. Waterbury – Gifted Ed
January 9, 2008
TIMELINE and Events of the
100 Years War
The Beginning
First Phases of the
War (1337-1380)
Famous Battles of the
Victory Goes to….?
In the Beginning
This war really began in
1328 when the English
people wanted Edward III
of England to be the new
King of France. He had a
good claim to the throne
through his mother’s side
of the family, but the
French didn’t want an
English King! The crowned
Philip VI instead.
France in 1328.
The Beginning (cont.)
This war officially
began, however, in
1337 when the
French King (who
was crowned
instead of Edward
III), Philip VI, took
Guienne (a fief)
from the English.
What was the 100 Years War?
It was a war between
France and England
It was made up of small
conflicts covering a
period of over 100 years
The war lasted from
They were fighting over
who should trade with
Flanders and who should
be the King of France!
First Phases of the War
Edward III was only
15 when he received
the throne, and yet he
succeeded in
avenging his father in
He won a very
important battle
against the Scots in
1333 at Halidon Hill.
First Phases of the War (cont.)
In 1338 after the death of his mother’s
brother,Philip VI,he proclaimed himself king of
France,beginning the Hundred Years war.
French nobles had a choice: who would give
them the most power and independence in their
land – a French King in Paris, who they helped
into power, or a distant Englaih King ruling from
Famous Battles of the War
A typical C15th English longbowman. Dreaded by
the French in the 100 Years War, the fearsome
power of the bow was later turned on fellow
Englishmen during the Wars of the Roses.
The Battle of Crecy was a
major downfall for the
French. Edward III
defeated King Philip VI of
France, leaving 1500
French chivalry dead on
the battle field.
The Battle of Orleans
was fought in 1428. This
is the famous battle
where young Joan of Arc
(she was only 17)
defeated the English, and
France was on the verge
of collapse!
Joan of Arc
Learn more about her in this movie!
Victory Goes to….?
“I fought for a
for this! “
In 1659 – Louis XIV’s Treaty of the Pyrenees reunited
France, making the war all for NOTHING.
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