The American Revolution

The American
Guided reading Activity 6-4
A. Henry Clinton’s
B. 1. Charles Cornwallis
2. he learned that the French naval
commander was heading to
Chesapeake Bay instead of New
3. Anthony Wayne’s troops,
Washington’s and General
Rochambeau’s, and the French fleet
under Admiral de Grasse
C. 14,000 & 7,500
D. October 19
II. A. 1. They decided that the war was too
costly to continue
2. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams,
John Jay
3. off the coast of Canada
B. 1. Congress refused to fund the soldiers
pensions and failed to pay them.
2. He persuaded angry officers to be
patient with Congress and he urged
congress to meet the soldiers’
C. 1. George Washington
2. returned to Mt. Vernon
D. 1. troops and supplies
2. the countryside
3. France and Spain
E. 1. Toussaint-Louverture