Vietnam War

 “I
am not going to
lose Vietnam.”
c. November 23, 1963
 “We
are not about to
send American boys
nine or ten thousand
miles away from
home to do what
Asian boys ought to
be doing for
1964 Campaign
for President
 Congress
must be notified of any military
action taken by a President within 48 hours
of deployment of troops
 Troops
can not remain in action after sixty
days without Congressional approval or
declaration of war by Congress
 Most
Presidents consider this
unconstitutional and law has not been
enforced by Congress in every situation
 Awarded
Medal of
Honor for saving
fellow soldiers in The
Vietnam War
 Received
medal from
President Reagan in
 Silent
term used to
describe the majority
of American public
who supported the
war and the policies
of Nixon
 Credibility
term used by
politicians and the
press who wanted
straight answers from
President Johnson
about the war but
knew the
administration was
not being completely