Mohammed`s story

Sierra Leone
Mohammed is 14 years old and lives
with his mum, dad, sisters and
brothers in a small village in Sierra
He was born in the
middle of a civil war.
When peace came,
Mohammed and his
family had no money,
no food and no home.
Their life is made
more challenging
during Sierra Leone’s
“hungry season”.
When I was hungry,
we didn’t have any
food in the home. I
felt my stomach cry
out in pain and my
head turned. I felt
I believe that God
created us and gave us
life. When we have no
food, I pray to God to
help us and to make
provisions for us.
CAFOD’s partner, Caritas
Kenema, worked with
Mohammed’s family to
transform diamond mines
into fertile farmland.
With the food they
grow from the land,
they can survive
Sierra Leone’s
“hungry season.”
School is very
important for me
because I can get a job
and money and bring
benefits to my parents.
When I am older,
I don’t want to be in this
hardship any more... I would
like to buy a home for my
mother and father and for
them to live with me so that
I can support them.
Mohammed wishes to have a better life
and be able to help his parents more.
What do you wish for?