A Long Way Gone Writing Assignment

A Long Way Gone Writing Assignment
The use of children soldiers causes numerous problems around the world. Although
the novel covers specifically just Sierra Leone, events similar to those in the book
happen in many other countries. A comprehensive evaluation of the novel possesses
the potential to develop possible solutions to this global epidemic.
Question: What does the novel A Long Way Gone tell us about the patterns of
struggling countries similar to Sierra Leone?
Directions: Write an essay that incorporates the following bullets from the checklist.
Identify the major problems in Sierra Leone. (Making inferences from “Armed
and Underage” article)
What specific methods did Sierra Leone’s military use to train children
How do these methods and the related life experiences create long term
problems for children soldiers and their countries?
Discuss and evaluate Ishmael Beah’s rehabilitation process.
Concluding Thoughts: Do you think it is possible to end the practice of using
children soldiers? If yes, then answer the following question: What are some
possible ways of drastically reducing and eventually ending the use of children
soldiers? If no, then explain your reasons for these thoughts.