By Brian Williams
• It was tough for African Americans in the Jim
crow days. Bayard Rustin had promised that
there would be 100,000 protesters at
Washington D.C on August 28, but when he
went to see there were only about 100 when
they asked where was everybody his
stomach made a knot.
• Bayard was arrested for many things
including sitting on the main floor of a
theatre where it was only reserved for
whites. He was arrested for freedom rides
and refusing to give up a seat on the bus.
The thing is they were all for what he
• Bayard played a big part in the bus
boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. He
was one of the most influential people
in that time frame.
• With Randolph and Bayard making a difference
they decided to take it to the capital Washington
D.C. they decided to make it into a march. They put
it all over town. They even promised 100,000
protesters. On the morning of the big day there
were only 100 but once it started there was 200,000
protesters it was a success!!!
• Bayard died on August 24, 1987. he
died out of age and lots of people
came to his funeral.
• Bayard always believed that all blacks
and whites should be treated equally.
He was still nonviolent but stuck to his
• Bayard went to West Chester's only
integrated school. He played on the
football team and was very great.
• Bayard studied Gandhi for
advice in his movement. He often
used his nonviolent ways of
protesting. He even went to India
hoping to meet him but he was
assassinated shortly before.
• In high school Bayard was very
talented. He played football and track
and was on varsity every year.
People were very unjust and weren’t
fair. Through these times Bayard still
pushed non-violence.
• The Journey Of Reconciliation was a group
in which whites would let blacks sit with
them it was also know as freedom rides.
Bayard was imprisoned many times for this
• The Core rode through Kentucky to
test the ruling that blacks could sit
anywhere. This was know as the
Journey of Reconciliation.
• When Bayard refused to serve in the
armed forces he was sent to Lewisburg
federal penitentiary. The charge was
not obeying the selective service act.
• Bayard was a big fan of music all his life. He
wrote many songs. When he was imprisoned he
taught himself how to play the lute. He was
eventually in the all-black Broadway. That being
said he only performed one musical called John
• Bayard was in many different
nonviolent groups including CORE.
He studied Gandhi and used his
techniques throughout the
• Blacks obtained racism very easily.
They also obtained calm and didn't
use violence. This was a real surprise to
the white community.
• Bayard was born on March 17,1910.
Joined the civil rights movement in the
30s and was an adviser of Martin
Luther King Junior. Yet he still
maintained a low profile under the
spotlight of A. Phillip Randolph and Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
• Bayard grew up with Quaker beliefs everywhere. West
Chester was the main stop for Quakers, and Bayard
was always taught to be friendly and never decline your
• Bayard was friends with A. Phillip Randolph
and worked with him in CORE a nonviolent
organization. They also planned the march
in Washington together.
• Segregation was a problem in the south and
most the United States. Jim Crow laws
mainly stared this problem. It split the U.S in
half and gave blacks the idea of slavery all
over again. When Bayard was young he
knew he was going to have to stop it.
• Thurgood was one of the leaders of
the NAACP. He was a friend of Bayard.
He worked to get blacks and whites
• Bayard believed in the word us for
multiple reasons. He believed that us
described black and whites being
equal. He thought of it as combine us
together. He was absolutely right.
• Bayard was a protester against the
Vietnam War and the draft and also
refused to serve when he was drafted.
This was a hard time for America.
• Bayard was born in West Chester,
Pennsylvania. It was also home to
many people who wanted to escape
the violence going on around them.
• Bayard was an xcellent person. He has
helped many people throughout the
world. This man should never be
• Bayard went to New York for college
but never got a degree. He was in so
many different groups he never had
time to finish college.
• Bayard was the real zeal and he has
helped America a lot. He was a great
person. This year marks his hundredth
birthday this man was zeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• The conclusion is that this event was when
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr made his I have a
dream speech. The event held more than
200,000 protesters, and this was a main
event in the civil rights movement.

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