Aims of the League of

What were the aims of the
League of Nations?
What were the aims of
the League?
To improve the living and
working conditions of
people in all parts of the
To discourage aggression
from any nation
To encourage nations to
To encourage countries
to co-operate, especially
in business and trade
How could you remember
all of these?
Aims of the League (DIES)
• Disarmament
• Improve peoples jobs and lives
• Encourage countries to cooperate
• Stop future war through collective
A League of Nations Union rally in Hyde Park, London, in 1921.
Design a placard for the rally shown in this source.
It should summarise the League’s aims in 10 words or less.
What does this source
suggest about the aims
of the League?
From a menu card for a banquet
given by the League of Nations
Assembly. It shows the hopes for the
League with one of its most influential
figures, Briand, as Moses, leading
the statesmen of Europe to
‘the promised land’.
Membership of the League
Membership of the League of Nations. This chart shows only the most powerful
nations. More than 50 other countries were also members.
Task. Read the text on page 25 and
complete the following table
British Strengths
British Weaknesses
French Strengths
French Weaknesses
What can you infer from the following
source on the British attitude towards
the League?
• The League of Nations is not set up to deal with
a world in chaos, or with any part of the world
which is in chaos. The League of Nations may
give assistance but it is not, and cannot be, a
complete instrument for bringing order out of
Arthur Balfour, chief British representative at the
League of Nations, speaking in 1920.
Choose either the optimist or
the pessimist and explain,
under the headings provided,
why your diplomat feels the way
he does. For example, the optimist
feels confident about the League
helping security. Why does the
League's membership
make him feel that way?
Membership of the League
How each body will make decisions
What the main bodies within the
League can do
How the League will enforce its