Don`t Let The Shadow Touch Them

Don’t Let The Shadow
Touch Them
By: Z Traylor
 Made in 1942 by Lawrence Beall.
 Created for the US Department
of Treasury to raise money for
the war effort.
Appeal To Ethos
 The appeal to ethos is that
children are our future and so
they should be protected from
anything including foreign threats
(in this case the Nazis).
Appeal To Pathos
 The pathos of this poster is that
no one wants to see children be
threatened by anyone and so to
make sure that would not happen
you had to buy war bonds.
Appeal To Logos
 Logically, the only way to protect
your children was to support the
war effort by any means,
especially by buying war bonds.
 The lighting in the print makes you
focus on the children while
a shadow covers the rest of the
print and encircles the children