Religious fundamentalism and cultural conflict in the 1920s

Religious fundamentalism and
cultural conflict in the 1920s
Resistance to modernity and change
Yet another pattern in American history:
change is always greeted by hostility and
The 20s were “the birth of modern America;”
“The Roaring 20s”
Rapid changes in society: movies, celebrities,
new technology, new fashion, jazz, immigration,
etc. -> Prohibition, immigration restriction,
nativism, KKK, and the revival of religious
Catholicism: Roman Catholic Church
Protestantism: Christian churches that broke
away in the Protestant Reformation, 1517
Fundamentalism: the interpretation of every
word in the sacred texts as literal truth
Evangelism: zealous preaching and advocacy of
the religion
The challenge facing Protestant Christianity
in the 1920s
Urban Modernists
Rural Fundamentalists
Evangelical preachers
The “rock stars” of
the 1920s
The Scopes Monkey Trial: Summer, 1925
Enjoy the film…
Scenes from Dayton, TN