Day in the Life: Creating a 1920s Newspaper

Day in the Life: Creating a 1920s
Create a newspaper that depicts the famous people and events that took place during the
Write at least 6 headline stories. Explain what happened in them.
For example:
Scopes trial pits Religion vs. Science = Headline Title
Story: In response to challenges to their religious principles, traditionalists published a
set of beliefs that came to be called fundamentalism. Tennessee passed a law banning the
teaching of evolution, the theory that human beings and all other species developed over
time from simple life forms. A biology teacher named John Scopes decided to challenge
the ban, so he taught evolution in the classroom. The trial pitted Clarence Darrow, a
lawyer famous for defending political and labor activists, against William Jennings
Bryan, a former presidential candidate who argued for the literal truth of the Bible.
Include illustrations with each of the 6 headlines.
Be creative!!!