1920s documentary questions

1. What was prohibition?
2. In 1920, for the first time, Americans lived in ____________________ more than ____________________.
3. According to the documentary, what city was the center of the roaring 20s?
4. On Wall Street, the streets were paved with ______________________.
5. In what ways did life change in the 1920s?
6. What was the new musical style formed in the 1920s called?
7. Where did jazz music originate?
8. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
9. How was life different in the cities than in rural America?
10. What new technologies were available in the 20s?
11. How did the car change the lives of Americans?
12. How were people able to purchase big items for the first time in the 20s?
13. How did the radio change life in the 1920s?
14. How did the lives of women change in the 20s?
15. The 19th amendment gave women...
16. What was a flapper?
17. In Tennessee, a teacher went to trial and was found guilty for teaching __________________.
18. Membership in the ____________________ soared to 4 million in the 1920s.
19. Who was one of the biggest celebrities in the 1920s?
20. Who was the 1st pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean?