Nationalism the Divider

Kempton & Patten
Global History II
Mepham High School
 Nationalism led to the breakup of two multinational
 The Austrian-Hungary Empire
 The Ottoman Empire
 Different ethnic groups wanted self-determination.
 Area of World:
 The Austrian Emperor ruled Romania Poland, Italy, and
Ukraine & Bohemia
 Characteristics:
 Many ethnic groups
 Created a Dual Monarchy
 Austrian Monarch/Emperor
 Austria & other countries
 Hungary
 Problems:
 Difficult ruling different ethnic groups
 Nationalist minority groups want to be free from the
Austrian Empire. They wanted self-rule.
 Results:
 The turmoil caused by nationalism weakened Austro-
Hungary to the point of utter collapse by the end of the
World War I.
 Ethnic Cleansing, or genocide, was resorted to in the
 Area of the World
 The Ottoman Empire ruled Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians,
and Romania.
 The Balkan Peninsula had fighting and tensions
 Characteristics
 These groups rebelled against foreign rule because of
 Problems
 “Sick man of Europe”
 Internal fighting by ethnic groups for self-determination
 External fighting as other countries attempted to divide up the
 Results
 “Powder Keg of Europe” would lead to World War I
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