• Focus: Students will be provided a chart to fill out
with quotes from the story “The Distant Past”
and explain.
• Object: TSW analyze the story the Distant Past, by
doing activities such as graphic organizer, chart,
and open ended questions
• Open Ended: Describe the Middleton’s political
loyalties and explain how it effects their way of
living. Give an example of how they are effected
by the new way of living.
The Distant Past
By William Trevor
In the beginning..
• There were two children living in the reign of
King George II on a farm with their father. The
father had mortgaged his inherited estate to
his children. When he died in 1924, the
children had got the farm.
• On Fridays, they took seven or eight dozen
eggs to town. The Middleton's would go out
for a drink with Far Driscoll in the Carraveagh.
• Miss Middleton had a memory about the
British, when they were ready to enter the
Carraveagh. The Middleton’s were locked into
an upstairs room, while Fat Driscoll, two
farmers, were ready to massacre them, but it
did not happen.
• During World War II, the Middleton’s had
suspected the Winkelmann to be spies for the
Third Reich. Reverened Bradshaw had
regarded the Middleton's as an anachronism.
They were still respected in the town by the
towns people.
• Mr. Middletown had actually blown up post
offices in Belfast. Miss Middleton had
reminded Fat Driscoll that they did not want
what happened, to happen in the first place.
• Tourist had came to the country and sturd up
old memories which almost started up old
revalorizes, but the amount of respect that
the Middleton's and the towns people had for
each other prevented though revalorizes from
starting up again.
• The town began to lose respect for the
Middleton's, so they started to pack up all
their things, after the dog had died, and sell all
the animals on the farm.

The Distant Past