The Distant Past

By: William
Distant past is a story
about the Middleton family.
The story takes place in the
World War II era. This is a
rapidly changing era that will
change the course of history
forever, and the Middleton's
must find a way to adapt to
this time.
TSW identify the moral of the story, The Distant
Past, by reading and discussing the story. TSW use
comprehensive skills to identify what traits the
characters will use throughout the story.
Read the Background on page 1296
and write down three important things that
you believe have to relate to the story.
1. In your group, make a character chart for
the following character: Mr. Middleton,
Mrs. Middleton, and Mr. Driscoll. Give 2
traits and their individual role in the
How can you relate to the following?:
1. The Middletons are an average family during rough times.
2. The Middletons are forced to go through a time of
adaptation to survive in their era.
3. The Midletons have some trouble adapting to the time era
and must learn what to do.
4. The middletons finally adapt to their era.
Discuss as a group how you can relate to this.
Theme: The theme of the story, The Distant
Past, is the struggle of change in the time of
the World War II era.
Give the insight for the following:
How do you think the Middleton's react to this era?
What major changes occur during this time period?
If you were in this time, how would you adapt?
Write down your insight for each discuss with a group your