Spanish Texas

The Texas Revolution &
Ch. 12 section 2
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Spanish Texas
 The Spanish had
been in the Americas
since Columbus in
 Spain owned a large
part of North America,
including Mexico &
Spanish Texas
• Texas had few settlers – up North
• The Spanish government tried to attract
settlers to Texas as a protection against Native
Americans and illegals.
• Spanish government offered land in exchange
of settlement in under populated areas.
Spanish government offered…
Settlers offered or promised…
Free land
 Follow Spanish laws
 Become Catholic ( official religion)
 Learn Spanish ( official language)
Mexican Independence Changes Texas
• 1821- Mexico gained independence from Spain
– Review:Mexico like other Latin American countries - independence
– What was US position to the revolutions in Latin America?
– Monroe Doctrine- warning to European nations / no more European
colonies in America
• Texas become part of Mexico
• Stephen Austin ( American empresario) got a
permission to bring American settlers
• Conditions for settlement
 Become Mexican citizen – follow laws
 Become Catholic ( official religion)
 Learn Spanish ( official language)
Americans in Texas
• Stephen Austin & the “ Old 300” ( first American
settlers)- successful 
• More American settlers continue to move to
• Americans settlers mostly from the Southern USA
– came for land
– brought slaves to work the land
Problems: Texans VS Mexico
• Changes in Mexican laws ( outlawed slavery)
• Americans (Southerners) in Texas not
following the Mexican laws – slavery
• American settlers were upset with new laws
• American settlers wanted more control
• Mexico banned further U.S. settlement in
Texas after 1830. ( NO More Americans!)
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
• Dictator who took
control of Mexico
• Suspended Mexican
• Settlers declared Texas
Independence from
Mexico (1836)
• They will have to fight
for it!
Battles – Texas Revolution
El Alamo
• Where? El Alamo- abandoned
mission used as a military fort near
San Antonio, Texas
• Who? 200 Texans VS 6000 Mexican
Troops lead by Santa Anna
• When? 1835
• What? Santa Anna attacks Texans –
they hold in EL Alamo for 12 days
waiting for support
• Winner? Santa Anna & Mexican
• Outcome? All Texans inside El
Alamo died ( except some women
& children)
Battle @ El Alamo
Battles – Texas Revolution
Goliad ( Massacre)
• Santa Anna attack Texans
• They surrender, but were
executed anyways ( about
• Remember El Alamo!
Remember Goliad! –
becomes the cry of war …
give the Texans a real
reason to fight for
Victory at San Jacinto
San Jacinto
• Texan general, Sam Houston
gathered more troops, 800
in all.
• Texans surprised & attacked
Lopez de Santa Anna
• Lopez de Santa Anna is
captured & forced to sign a
treaty to give Texas its
independence (1836)
• Texas gained independence
from Mexico
Santa Anna Surrenders to
General Houston
Lone Star Republic
• 1836 – Republic of Texas: Texas
become its own country
• “Lone Star Republic” ( see the
flag/ how many stars)
• Sam Houston elected president
• Some Americans wanted Texas
to be part of the U.S.( Annex)
• Some people were afraid of
Texas becoming a slave state,
others of war with Mexico.
• Both would eventually happen.
Texas Annexation
• To annex= to adjoin or to add
• Americans in Texas & Southerner states hope
to annex Texas to the USA
• Northerner states opposed annexation,
because of Texas pro-slavery views ( needed to
keep the balance between free v slave)
• Annexation denied! 
Texas Annexation
• Reasons to deny annexation (1836)
– Slavery
– Fear of war with Mexico
• Finally in 1845 , Texas will be annex & join the
Review – Guided Reading
• 10 minutes
• Review information read on pages 131-132 &
in your notes
• Answer the questions to complete the
sequencing of events
Process: Texas Foldable
• Fold papers
• 1 fold –include pictures &
information summarizing Texas
before & during Mexican
• 2nd fold- include pictures &
information summarizing Battle
of El Alamo
• 3rd fold- include pictures &
information summarizing Battle
of San Jacinto ( Peace Treaty &
Texas Independence)
• 4th fold- include pictures &
information summarizing Texas
independence & annexation to
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