The Republic of Texas
Part 2
Cordova Rebellion
During Lamar’s Administration
Involved Native Americans
Influx of Americans to Nacogdoches
Mexican living there were loyal to Mexico (Vicente
• Organized with almost 400 people along the Angelina
• Before anything happened the group was defeated
• Result – distrust of Mexicans & Native Americans &
Lamar’s decision that Cherokees would need to be
removed from TX
Council House Fight - 1840
• Involved American Indian Tribes
• Comanche leaders agreed to meet in San Antonio
to surrender all Anglo captives
• One captive – Maltilda Lockhart was delivered
• Texan angry, refused to let the Comanches leave
– Comanches Tried to leave & they were attacked
• 7 Killed – Texans & Comanche Leaders
• To this date, Comanche nation refuses to make
peace w/ Rangers
Santa Fe Expedition
• Goal: To establish Western Boundary of TX
• Lamar sent troops to western boundary of TX
• Mexico did not agree & neither did the citizens
of Santa Fe
• Texans were captured & marched to Mexico City
& thrown into prison
• Cost lots of money
• Mexicans began raiding Texas again
Mier Expedition - 1842
• Due to Santa Fe Expedition, Mexico began
invading TX
• Houston sent TX Rangers to guard border &
threat was over
• 300 Texans remained & crossed into Mexico into
• 2 days – Texans surrendered
• Texans were marched to Mexico City & executed
by Santa Anna (black bean)
People to know…
• Edwin Moore – Texas Navy commander in the 1840’s
• Jack “Coffee” Hays – Most famous Texas Ranger from the 1840’s
• William Goyens - Free African American who was a successful
businessman. Served as an interpreter of the Native American languages
during the Texas Revolution.
• Mary Maverick - Famous frontier woman who lived in San Antonio
• Jose Antonio Navarro - Native Texan who signed the Texas
declaration. He was a Texas congressman during the Republic then
became a Texas Senator after annexation.
Events to know…
• Cordova Rebellion - A group of about 100 Hispanics
and 300 Cherokees who rebelled against the Republic of Texas
over Anglo’s taking their land.
• Council House Fight - A meeting between Texas
authorities and Comanche’s that turned into a battle when
the Comanche negotiators were taken hostage. Comanche’s
refused to make treaties with Texas again.
• Santa Fe Expedition - Lamar’s attempt to gain control
of a major trading center, but failed when the Texas soldiers
surrendered in New Mexico. Most of the Texas men were
imprisoned or died in Mexican prison.