Festivals of Texas

Festivals of Texas
Cinco de Mayo
• Because Texas was once
part of Mexico, the state
has a long-standing
Mexican heritage and
follows many Mexican
traditions, including
celebrating the popular
Mexican holiday Cinco de
Mayo. Towns across the
state hold festivals to
celebrate the most
famous military victory in
the history of Mexico.
• Texas has a rich German
heritage, which explains
the numerous
Oktoberfest events
across the Lone Star
State. Anyone who
enjoys German food and
music will certainly want
to make plans to attend
one of these events.
Texas Book Festival
• Held at the State
Capitol in Austin, the
annual Texas Book
Festival features over
200 authors, as well
as exhibitors, live
music, food, a
children's area and
Rattlesnake Roundup
• Texas has “World’s
Largest Rattlesnake
Roundup”! While the
snakes are the main
attraction, there is also
the Rattlesnake Parade,
Miss Snake Charmer
Pageant, Rattlesnake
Dance, guided bus tours,
and guided rattlesnake
Texas Rose Festival
• Started in 1933, the
Texas Rose Festival
is a big part of Tyler’s
history. The Rose
Parade is just part of
the fun. There is also
a Coronation Ball and
the East Texas
Orchestra’s “Concert
in the Park.”
Texas Renaissance Festival
• A six-week trip back to
the 16th century features over 200 daily
performances, 300 arts
and crafts shops, 60 food
and beverage shops,
nightly fireworks and
more than 3,000
costumed characters
strolling the grounds. You
will enter a world of
castles, knights and
Strawberry Festival
• This annual Festival
draws over 100,000
visitors to a tiny little town
in Texas called Poteet.
This event, which has
been held for nearly 60
years, attracts nationallyknown country music
stars and Tejano
entertainers in addition to
the carnival, art show,
rodeo, dances, parade
and “Taste of Texas” food
Fiesta San Antonio
• This festival began as
a way to honor the
memory of the heroes
of the Alamo and the
Battle of San Jacinto.
But over the past
century and more,
Fiesta has grown into
a celebration of San
Antonio’s rich and
diverse cultures.
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