Timeline Activity

Chapter 9, Section 3 Notes
• Title: The Convention of 1836
• Main Idea: The Texans declared their
independence and set up their
government as Santa Anna’s forces
defeated the Texans at the Alamo and in
South Texas.
• Key Terms: petition, executive, legislative,
judicial, civil rights, ad interim
I. Santa Anna Crosses Into Texas
Despite Governor Smith’s veto, the
General Council decided to hold a
convention in March 1836.
In early February, Santa Anna and his
large army crossed the Rio Grande and
arrived in San Antonio on the 23rd.
The Texans remaining there were forced to
stay in the Alamo.
Other Texans were headed for the convention
at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
II. The Convention Declares
A. 59 delegates met in an unfinished
building in freezing weather
conditions at Washington-on-theBrazos starting on March 1st, 1836.
i. While most there were from
southern states, only 2 delegates
were native Texans:
1. Navarro and Ruiz
The convention elected Richard Ellis as
chairman (or person in charge).
II. The Convention Declares
George C. Childress from Tennessee is
credited with writing the Texas
Declaration of Independence.
This document declared the Mexican
government deprived Texans of certain
Freedom of Religion
Trial by jury
To bear arms
To petition, or request something, from the
D. The Declaration was adopted on March
2nd, 1836 by unanimous vote.
III. The Delegates Write a
A. The delegates then spent 2 weeks
writing the Texas Constitution for a
new republic.
B. Both documents (Texas
Declaration and Constitution) were
modeled after the same documents
from the United States.
III. The Delegates Write a
C. The Texas Constitution
provided for 3 branches of
i. Executive: chief governing officer
ii. Legislative: makes laws
iii. Judicial: courts, interprets laws
III. The Delegates Write a
D. It contained a Bill of Rights,
i. Freedom of speech
ii. Freedom of the press
iii. Freedom of religion
iv. Trial by jury
v. Basic civil rights
E. Unfortunately, slavery was legal and free
African Americans were only permitted
to live in the republic with
congressional permission.
IV. The Ad Interim Government
Takes Control
A. The last act of the convention
was electing members for an
ad interim, or temporary
B. They would serve until regular
elections could be held.
IV. The Ad Interim Government
Takes Control
C. Former empresario, David G.
Burnet was elected ad interim
President and Sam Houston
was elected commander of the
regular and volunteer Texas
V. Santa Anna Advances
A. As the convention adjourned
on March 17th, panic ensued as
word reached the delegates
that the Alamo had fallen and
Santa Anna was headed their
V. Santa Anna Advances
B. President Burnet reestablished
the government southeast in
the small town of Harrisburg,
near modern-day Houston.
C. Overall, things were NOT
looking good for Texas as
Santa Anna was on the move!
Assignments for Today
1. 9-3 Guided Reading/Section
2. Complete Foldable, 9-2
GR/SQ, etc.
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