History vs hollywood

 Pocahontas
is a young beautiful woman
who is the princess in her father’s
Powhatan tribe along the coast of New
 She is asked to marry another member of
the tribe, Kocoum, although she does not
want to
 She finds John Smith, a young handsome
English captain and they fall in love
despite their differences
 Kocoum
stumbles upon the two
kissing, becomes enraged, and
attacks Smith. He is then killed by
Smith’s friend, Thomas.
 Because of this Smith is sentenced
to die
 Pocahontas saves his life but he is
then shot by the governor Ratcliffe
and is sent back to England
 When
Pocahontas and John Smith met she
was 11 and he was 28
 John Smith wrote about her in his journal
saying she was a “naked child who
pestered everyone.”
 Pocahontas did actually save John Smith’s
life, but the reason behind this action is
widely disputed.
 Kocoum
never died, but Pocahontas
was engaged to him.
 She eventually met John Rolfe who
would become her husband.
 John Smith was never shot by
Governor Ratcliffe because in the
early years of the colony there was
no governor.
 Anastasia
(8) was the youngest daughter of
the Royal Romanov family
 She and her family are forced to leave the
palace because a sorcerer named Rasputin
places a curse on the royal family and starts
a revolution in Russia.
 Only Anastasia and Marie, her grandmother,
are able to escape with their lives thanks to
the help of a boy named Dimitri.
 While escaping Anastasia is separated from
her grandmother because she falls, therefore
losing her memory.
 Next,
we are told that Anastasia, now called
Anya, is living in an orphanage at about the
age of 18. She leaves due to her age and goes
to St. Petersburg.
 She encounters Dimitri and Vladimir, who are
impressed by her resemblance to the Grand
Duchess and recruit her as the “fake”
 They go to Paris to present her to her
grandmother to collect a reward for finding
the missing heir.
 Rasputin, now a corpse, finds out that she is
alive and he restores his powers and sets out
to kill her.
 They
arrive in Paris only to find out that
Marie has called off the search for the lost
 When Anya recalls Dimitri opening the secret
passageway, that helped them escape, he
realizes that he and Vladimir have found the
missing Grand Duchess
 Unfortunately, Marie refuses to see the
“fake” Anastasia until Dimitri convinces her
to see Anya.
 They meet and realize that she is indeed the
real Anastasia and she will now be placed
back onto the throne
 With one final attempt Rasputin tries to kill
Anastasia but Dimitri saves her and they
Anastasia was the youngest daughter of Czar
Nicholas II of Russia.
 Her father was losing loyalty and favor with the
people of Russia and was forced to abdicate the
 Rasputin was a monk who was a close advisor to
the czar and had close relationships with the
whole family. He was a close friend until his
murder in 1916.
 At the rise of the Russian revolution in 1905 the
royal family was forced to go into exile and
remain there secretly to avoid execution.
 In 1917 when Anastasia was 17 she and her
family were brutally murdered by the new secret
police in Russia.
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