      Pocahontas was born in Werowocomico,Virginia She was born in the year of 1595 Kings Dominion Amusement park Her father Powhatan rasied her She had brothers, half sisters, and her father She lived a classic life she lived in a home and it was made out of wood and twings

      Pocahontas hobbies were hunting bears She was home-schooled Didn’t attend to a school She finished her schooling to become a hunter Pocahontas was a wonderful student She had lots of strengths with hunting

      Pocahontas was famous for saving captin John smith Her role models were her father and brother She has to bring a bow and arrow She had to pick berries everyday She was a positive role model to the Indian children Pocahontas did not get an award but she did accomplish her dream

   She was interesting because she accomplished things at a young age She married John Rofle and she had a son named Thomas Rofle She became famous she had to be a leader for the Indian children and help them pick berries

   Pocahontas died She died because of a disease at the age of 21 Her death effected the Indians and others

 My purpose for doing Pocahontas is because when I saw the movie she seemed liked a very brave girl and her name was really cool